What should be done in case an arbitrator quits

I was contesting Arbitration proceedings as per the notice served to me by my Ex Employer. Arbitration started after my reply to Ex Employer's Demand Notice, where I denied all the allegations (as they were without proof) and against Indian Contract Law. After 2nd hearing I challenged Arbitration proceedings on disciplinary grounds of proceedings. As I proved that claimant, lawyer and arbitrator have relation. I also wrote that I will not bear any expense of this proceedings as Arbitrator is biased and agreement is prima facie void. Initially they denied / refuted all the objections but next day I received a letter from the arbitrator that he decided to stop the proceedings and quit. Where do I take the case from here?

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A new arbitrator has to be appointed by the person who has been given authority to appoint the arbitrator under the agreement. If this does not happen within reasonable time, you have to approach Chief Justice of jurisdictional high court for apointment of arbitrator u/s 11 of the Act.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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