How to stop someone from registering a similar name?

"I am thinking of starting a new website in fact a blog, but unfortunately all the good .com domain names are taken already, especially the domain name that matches the name of my blog exactly.When I searched the website, I did not find any content other than that the domain name is for sale, but the seller wants an amount that I cannot afford.I just did a quick search through the trademark website and found that there is no trademark registered matching anything close to this name, it's wide open.Now my question is does it include cyber squatting?what is to stop someone from registering a similar name, but with a .net extension and begin using the name and then filing a WIPO dispute or even a lawsuit against the .com owner and claiming the domain?Does this happen, is this legitimate?

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The owner of the domain name is not technically cyber squatting on it. It won't work. If this was the case, people would be losing domain names right and left, and it just doesn't happen at all. There's nothing stopping anyone from trying it, but the name is going to stay with the original owner. There's no obligation for someone to relinquish a domain name just because someone else owns the trademark. They don't have to use it for anything. As long as they don't violate squatting laws, there's little recourse. Even if they have a good attorney.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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