Activities not considered as Piracy under Copyright Act

What are the list of activities which are not treated as piracy under copyright act?

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1. Reproduction by teacher or pupil in the course of instructions or in question papers.

2. Making a maximum of three copies for the use of public library.

3. Reading or recitation in public of extracts (literary or dramatic work).

4.Publication in a collection for the use of educational institutions in certain circumstances.

5.A fair dealing with literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work, not being computer programme, for the          purpose of private use including research, criticism or review, making copies of computer programme for    certain purposes, reporting current events in newspapers and magazines or by broadcasting or in a            cinematograph film or by means of photograph.

6.Performance in the course of the activities of educational institutions in certain circumstances.

7.The making of sound recording under certain circumstances subject to certain conditions.

8.The causing of sound recording to be heard in public by utilising it in an enclosed room or in clubs in certain circumstances.

9.Performance in an amateur club given to a non-paying audience or for religious institutions.

10.Reproduction in news paper and magazine of an article on current economic, political, social or religious topics in certain circumstances.

11.Publication in newspapers or magazines a report of a lecture delivered in public.

12. Reproduction from judicial proceedings and reports thereof, reproduction exclusively for the use of members of legislature, reproduction (artistic work excluded) in a certified copy supplied in accordance with law.

13.Reproduction of unpublished work kept in a museum or library for the purpose of study or research.

14.Reproduction or publication of any matter published in official Gazette or reports of Government commission or other bodies appointed by Government.

15.Reproduction of any judgment or order of court, tribunal or other judicial authority not prohibited from publication.

16.Production or publication of a translation of Acts of Legislature or rules.

17. Inclusions in a cinematograph film of any artistic work permanently situate in a public place and other artistic work by way of background or incidental to the principal matter represented in the film.

18. Making or publishing of a painting, drawings or photographs or engraving of sculpture or other artistic work permanently situate in a public place.

19. Making or publishing of a painting, drawing or photographs of a work of architecture.

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