How to serve summon from India to a person who stays in a different country?

<p>&quot;The present residence address of the other party residing in USA is not known.</p> <p>1. What is the process/clause to take help of Indian Embassy. How will indian embassy in USA serve the notice when i do not have current address. Is last known address is sufficient enough?. Please let me know the process and any clauses.</p> <p>2. If i want to chose the option of publishing the notice in news paper of USA, does the indian court allows me to do so. Is this normal? any additional clauses?.</p> <p>3. I heard that court normally sends the notice through Registered Post?, how can i request the court to send via Speed Post or DHL/FedEx Courier. Please let me know about the embassy process, as it looks likes is the only option remaining for me. Your help is very much appreciated.&quot;</p>

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All ur options mentioned in the query can be granted in case u move an application u/s 151 for the grant of the same. i see no legal hurdle in that.


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