What are the cases of sedition in India?

What are some cases of sedition in India?

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Interested readers can go through other cases of sedition like:-

• Keho Bam Hazarika vs The Government Of Assam{1951 CriLJ 68}

• Manubhai Tribhovandas Patel And Ors. Vs State Of Gujarat And Anr{ 1972 Cri.L.J 388, (1971) GLR 968}

• Uttamrao S/O Keshavrao Patwari vs State Of Maharashtra And Anr,

• State Of Madhya Pradesh vs Baleshwardayal And Ors.{1967 CrilJ 1110}

Some other Cases of Sedition are:-

• Bilal Ahmed Kaloo vs State of Andhrapradesh(1997)

• Balwant Singh vs Stateeof Punjab(1995)


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