My trademark is suspended. What should I do?

What Will Be Done In A Situation When A Trademark Is Suspended? What are the causes of suspension of trademark?

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A suspension letter suspends the action on an application. An application may be suspended for a variety of reasons. These include waiting for the disposition of a cited prior pending application to be determined or waiting for an assignment of ownership to be recorded. Applicants do not have to respond to suspension letters; however, suspension inquiry letters do require a response.However, if the application has been suspended for six months or more, the examining attorney will issue an Office action inquiring as to the status of the matter on which suspension was based. For example, if action is suspended pending the receipt of a copy of a foreign registration or proof of renewal of a foreign registration, the examining attorney will inquire every six months during the suspension period as to the status of the foreign application or registration. Similarly, for applications that are suspended pending the outcome of a civil action, the examining attorney will inquire every six months as to the status of the proceeding. If the foreign application or the civil action is still pending, a statement by the applicant to this effect is a proper response. If the applicant does not respond to the suspension inquiry, the application will be abandoned for failure to respond. You should contact a trademark attorney to assist you in resolving the issue. Many attorneys here offer free initial consultation. You should contact one of them and show him/her the suspension letter and see if response is needed.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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