Legal Defence against Charges Of Extortion

I have filed judicial seperation in March and divorce in April on my wife. No consummation till date. She also accepted it in the reply notice. But blames it on me saying suspecting inability. She has sent sorry messages for her mistakes. She has written apology letters for her wrong doing. Now she says it as extortion and filed 498A, 384 and all cheating cases on me. What are your views??? How to save myself?`

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It appears that the cri. complaints does not have any merits, therefore you should apply for anticipatory bail first. after obtaining AB, go for quashing u/s 482(cr.p.c.) before the high court. the main crux of matrimonial dispute is the divorce case before the family court, therefore concentrate on that case also. criminal cases will mislead you and will cause enormous delay for your divorce which is the ultimate relief that you are seeking.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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