Concealment Of Facts In Sale Of Property

Dear Sir, what is Indian law for accuse who has concealed total legal heirs name and misrepresent the actual facts in affidavits and submitted it in government department in order to convert mutation in their name. On basis of that false affidavit with true registered will, govt. department gave false confirmation of total no. of legal heirs without showing non beneficiary of registered will legal heirs. They did this because if they show all legal heirs name in affidavits then Govt. department would have demand for NOC from non beneficiary of registered will legal heirs and beneficiary of registered will legal heirs they succeeded in converting the mutation in their name and taken free hold on basis of that documents and get conveyance deed and sold property through that sale deed to us ?

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You can file petition in the same court under section 195 Cr. P. C. and under section 340 Cr. P. C. furthermore you can also file criminal complaint in the concerned police station for the offences of cheating and criminal breach of trust.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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