Is the name of Proclaimed Offender displayed?

Is the name of the PO displayed?

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A list is hung up in the office of each police station and a duplicate is displayed on the police station notice board of all proclaimed offenders who are absconding in cases registered in the home police station or in cases registered in other police stations, but resident of or likely to visit the home police station. The names of all such proclaimed offenders are also entered in the Police Station Register No.10 (Surveillance Register). The CRO Branch of the SP Office maintains a register of proclaimed offenders in two parts:Part I contains the names of all residents of the home district irrespective of the districts in which proclaimed. The names shall be entered according to the police station of which the proclaimed offenders are resident. Part II contain the names of all offenders proclaimed in but not resident of the district. These will be entered according to the district of which they are said to be resident.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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