What Has To Be Done In Case A Client Dishonored A Cheque

Our is the software distribution co. During course of our business we had supplied software worth Rs.3 lacs. But our client dishonoured the cheque. We have filed court case on him after that he paid us Rs. 1 lac and then he has run away. We do not have any idea about his where about. Court has issued proclaimed offender notice, but we do not now how to trace him. He has closed his account and bankers are not cooperating with information like his other address. Please advice.

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Let the proceedings of declaration of proclaimed Offender be completed. The accused will be declared Proclaimed Offender and can be arrested at any time. At this stage, you can not do anything else. However, simultaneously you can file Suit for Recovery with the last known address of the accused.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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