Relief in case of arrest in forge cases

Sir in year 2012, Patna police arrested me and my mother on a warrant that issued against us u/s 498 while I am not married till date and when police team produced us in Jamshedpur court before the magistrate he told to police team that we not sent any warrant if arrest to Patna police and there was no record available in the court for such warrant sending. there was a case filed against me according to which I married to raha devi at the age of 13 and half only. according to court no cognizance taken against my mother but police arrested we both bt court relived us and directed to investigate this forgery across the states of Bihar and jharkhand. Here we have submitted a lot of application to police and chief minister too but in vain. Can we file a writ in high court or what we can do to get justice?

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You can certainly approach the High court to get the relief.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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