Legal Action against cheating by An Astrologer

Can compensation be claimed from Astrologers by filing a complaint in the Consumer Forum if their predictions are proved to be false? Many a times people purchase stones & gems worth thousands of rupees from astrologers believing in their predictions that their planetary positions will be changed in their horoscopes but later on they feel cheated when they realize that the predictions are false. At such time can a client claim his money from that astrologer for non-happening of his predictions under Consumer Protection Act? If not what is the alternative remedy? I request all not to go into the issue of 'whether astrology is science or not' as it is a disputed fact till date.

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Astrologers dont give his predictions in writing and there is no proof that what he predicted is actually a prediction by him...secondly its for a individual to believe or not believe or any action on a prediction is the will of the person believing the Astrologer. Further I dont think that Astrologers give you a certificate or in written that there is a guarantee of there prediction becoming true so I dont feel u can take any action against them

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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