Requirements for Making a valid Will

A friend of mine wants to create a will. What are the Details Required For Preparing A Valid WILL In India?

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For preparing the WILL keep in mind the process given below:

1) Full name of the person making the Will

2) Age

3) Residence address

4) His present profession, occupation, if any, or if Retired

5) Details of his /her immediate family members, that is to say, name of his wife / husband, names of his / her sons / daughters, if any.

6) Details of specific movable and immovable property which is owned by the person which he / she wants to give under the Will.

7) Full Name of the person to whom each of the specified movable and immovable property, he / she wants to give in Will. Name of alternate person, if the first named person, pre-deceased the author of the Will.

8) Name of the person who will take control of the property of the person so as to secure that the person to whom properties are given in the Will are duly handed over. He is called the Executor under the Will.

9) Full name and residential address of two or more persons who will ―witness‖ the execution of the Will. The witnesses attesting the execution of the Will must also a person of sound mind and not being a minor.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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