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I gave my car to a friend in 2008 in return of the amount i had taken from him. He signed on the back of the stamp paper i had given him. He gave that car to someone else without getting any sales deed.<p><br><p>I just found out that car has not been transferred yet. Unfortunately i have lost that document and we are not able to find the current car owner.</p></p><p>Can you suggest what legal action i should take now to safeguard myself against any issue in future ?</p><p>Thanks</p>

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Ownership means a person has aright over a property, and owns it. An owner will have the right of possession,right to its use, right of way, right to transfer it and the right to earn rentfrom the property.

Anowner can transfer his property by gifting or selling it. In the above case owneris the 1st person i.e. u who gave his car to his friend in return for theamount asked by his friend and there is no sale deed which is a document through which theownership rights are transferred and it gives evidence of anindividual's ownership of a property. Rights in property can be transferredonly on execution and registration of a sale deed in favor of the buyer. Inyour case there is no sale deed, hence the ownership is still not transferred. You may sue your friend for the same.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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