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My father worked for an Amul distributor in Faridabad . After 6 months Amul distributor filed a complaint against him saying that he did a fraud of Rs. 8.5 lacs in their sales as my father was in sales department. Distributors maintain a local register in which they mention their daily sales like how much product has been dispatched, how much cash has been collected from shopkeepers etc. My father deposited cash on daily basis and tally the whole amount to the owner and also informed about any remaining balance.What can be done ?

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Your father needs should collect evidence in his favour, especially copies of the registers maintained by the sales department, though i am sure that now your father may not have access to the same, after complaint has been filed against your father. In the alternate, you may also try to collect evidence from shopkeepers, though challenge is all of them may not maintain proper daily registers of packets supplied to them. Whatever evidence you are able to collect, provide the same to investigating officer, appointed for the case.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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