What is sexual harassment?

What actions constitute sexual harassment?

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The Act in its Section 2n, defines sexual harassment. Sexual harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behaviour (whether directly or by implication), namely -Physical contact and advances, or - A demand or request for sexual favours, or -Making sexually coloured remarks, or Showing pornography, or -Any other unwelcome physical, verbal, non verbal conduct of sexual nature Section 3 (2) of the Act further elaborates that if any of the following circumstances occurs or is present in relation to or connected with any act or behavior of sexual harassment among other circumstances, it may amount to sexual harassment- -Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in her employment, or -Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in her employment, or -Implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status, or I-nterference with her work or creating an intimidating or offensive or hostile work environment for her, or Humiliating treatment likely to affect her health or safety

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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