What is the procedure for filling petition in labour court ?

I want to file a petition in labour court for illegal recovery of the amount by ESIC under section 45AA of ESIC Act, Kindly provide me with the format and procedure for filing the petition.

Team Legistify

Team Legistify

  • Answered on 02:22 PM, 28 Sep 18

Basic Procedure of filing petition in labour court.

Step 1: Send a demand notice to your employer, either personally or through the Union, you are a member of.
Step 2: Give 15 days time.
Step 3: If the matter does not settle, to file a complaint before labor cum conciliation officer of the area where you worked. The officer will act as an arbitrator for amicable settlement of the dispute.
Step 4: Still not satisfied, Labour conciliation officer will send you to the State labor commissioner. The commissioner may refer your case to labor tribunal depending upon your case.


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