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I had started to work as contractual employee in a company and I agreed to work for 3 months contract but denied for 6 months.They said they will make me permanent after 3 months. Later, the HR called me and said that they want to terminate the contract because I'm not willing to work in the night shift. (Our company does not allow females to work after 7.30 pm. ) Other than that I work good .Just because of this silly excuse they want to terminate my contract.What should I do?

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You are contract employee, company is not bound to make you permanent, if they don't want to have your contract enhanced then you have no other option, search other job. However, if there is any clause in contract for which company is bound to enhance the contract or make you permanent then only you can do anything, however you can file writ for gender discrimination.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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