Can A Person Sue The Dry Cleaner Under Consumer Protection Act Who Spoilt His Clothes

I am currently in Pune on a business trip, I had given one jacket and a suit for dry clean to a local dry cleaner. While returning, dry cleaner mentioned there was an acid bottle accidentally dropped during dry cleaning on my jacket and the entire jacket is damaged.Similarly on the suit, the entire lining which was in white color now has patches of red colour. I have receipt from the dry cleaner. Both of these were expensive, Jacket costing INR 6000 purchased in Russia and Suit costing Rs. 3800 . I shall be returning to my base location shortly, Is there anything I can do for my consumer rights, from my base location?

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Please involve some local acquaintance to be your witness and resolve it locally with the shopkeeper, so that shopkeeper gets you a replacement. If your business partners/associates are influential and are willing they can help you. Try and see if you can record your representation to the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper has admitted the lapse, he can come forward to settle the matter amicably.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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