How can I deposit my application fee for seeking information?

<p>How can I deposit my application fee?</p>

Team Legistify

  • Answered on 02:22 PM, 28 Sep 18

Every state has a different mode of payment for application fee. Generally, you can deposit your application fee via:

1. In person by paying cash [remember to take your receipt]

2. By Post through:

• Demand Draft

• Indian Postal Order

• Money orders (only in some states)

• Affixing Court fee Stamp (only in some states)

• Banker’s cheque

• Some state governments have prescribed some head of account. You are required to deposit fee in that account. For that, you can either go to any branch of SBI and despoist cash in that account and attach deposit receipt with your RTI application. Or you can also send a postal order or a DD drawn in favour of that account alongwith your RTI application.

Please see respective state rules for complete details.