Liability of Post office for non delivery of registered letter

A registered letter sent to me was not delivered. What is the liability of an employee of the Post Office in this matter?

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Team Legistify

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Section 6 of the Indian Post Office Act 1878 provides that the Government shall not incur any liability by reasons of the loss, mis-delivery or delay or damage to any postal article in course of transmission by post except in so far as such liability is made in express terms to be undertaken by the Government and no Officer the Post Office shall incur any liability by reason of such loss, mis-delivery , delay or damage unless he had caused the same fraudulently or by his willful act or default. In view of the said Section 6, your complaint is not maintainable unless there is allegation an of fraud or willful act of negligence of any postal employee.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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