Legality of Digitizing the Classroom Notes

I found a digital platform where students scan and upload good notes written in the classroom and share it online. Students are taught in classrooms by lecturers using Text books printed by publishing house(which are copyrighted), and students note down whatever lecturer delivers. These notes of punctual students and assignments of bright students can be scanned and shared with other students digitally, Since it might have similar diagrams or some part of explanations as in the text book (copyrighted), is it illegal?

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The notes of the students even if they are taken during the lectures given by the teachers who are teaching from the text books printed by publishing house would not come under the provisions of violation of any copyright. However since no benefit in terms of monetary gain is obtained by the student and it only for the purpose of sharing it with the footnotes etc, this is legal in nature.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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