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I am working in an organization(ABC) whose investor is company(XYZ) (website name""). As a potential buyer, I purchased a domain named "" 1 year back. Company XYZ got to know that I am the owner of this domain and they want to buy it. Now XYZ is pressurizing ABC to get the domain from me on their behalf. And, ABC is taking this as an information breach and filing case against me (on the fact that I am employee of ABC). But the fact is the company XYZ existed way before ABC and anybody could have purchased this domain. Can they file case (information breach or any) against me?

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You may be sued on grounds of passing off or infringement of trademark based on the precise facts of this matter. The claimants will have to show that they have been using the name before you. If the domain is deceptively similar to the trademark you may be sued for damages and an injunction may also be passed against you.

Answered on 28 Sep 2018

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