What Is Zero FIR

What is Zero FIR? What is the difference between FIR and Zero FIR?

Team Legistify

Team Legistify

  • Answered on 02:22 PM, 28 Sep 18

 FIR stands for First Information Report,it is lodged by police office only in the case where cognizable offence committed. Cognizable offences are more serious than non-cognizable offence. It is the right of every person that in case of cognizable offence,FIR can be filed by him and the police officer has no discretion whether to file the FIR or not even if, the place where the offence is committed does not come under his jurisdiction. 

Zero FIR : the concept of zero FIR arises when the offence committed at a place that does not come under the jurisdiction of the police station where it is reported. Any police officer can not deny for lodging the FIR by taking excuse of  jurisdiction, he is bound to lodge the FIR.

After completion of the investigation, the police office submit the report, evidences to the concerned police station for further process.

This concept was given by Supreme Court in the case In the case of Satvinder Kaur vs. State (Government of NCT Delhi) The complainant had appealed in the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court, where the High Court had quashed the FIR filed at Delhi Police Station by the complainant.  The Supreme Court held that, Police can investigate the case, which does not fall under their jurisdiction.

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