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Usually, a person is responsible for his or her own debts. You are not liable to pay the debts/loans of your husband. The wife is liable for paying back of debts of the husband on the necessary items. The creditor can come after you for payment of these items only if your spouse doesn’t have enough money to pay the debt and you do have enough money to pay the debt. For more clarification, you can consult the best family law lawyer in India or default or fraud lawyer in India who will explain and suggest you better your matter.Read More

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Advocate Tejasv Anand
Answered on 11:30 PM, 24 Jun 19

Yes, you can recover the Money. Law recognizes Oral Contracts too and thus, the bank transaction may hold good proof.Read More

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I am a freelance Abroad Education consultant. 7 months old in that particular Business area till now. One consultant cheated me and didn't provide any service to my clients for Canada Admission Process. He told a lot of lies to my clients and me as we are not aware of that. He took money from my Students. Through my account some amount and directly to his account by misusing my name. And at last, he is not giving back money. If any students call, talking the un-parliamentary language. Approximately 60K plus to be taken back from him. Students forcing me to pay back and I have to pay them for not losing their trust in me or goodwill in the market. This is the case. Please do the need full. How to get back that amount. (all payments made through google pay)Read More

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I had given one person money for a period of 6 months who promised me to give interest in return. I asked him to make an Agreement for the same but he refused to convince me that he will return without fail and sent me a receipt via email stating that he has received the money and will give interest as agreed & will repay on the due date. After 6 months I asked him my money but he kept on delaying saying that he has suffered a heavy loss in the stock market and will require some more period to return the same and till then he promised to pay me the decided interest. I had to ask him my interest every month and by delaying he used to pay me the same. In this way 15 months passed now he has stopped paying me interest & is also not returning my given money by saying that as soon he receives or arranges the same he will return me. He always promises some date in the future but never fulfills his commitment. However, I forcefully managed to take blank cheque and a agreement from him saying that he has taken money from me & is returning me the same via that cheque and if he failed with his promise he will be liable to pay all the charges, interest & damages incurred by me to take legal action against him. I also went to the local police station to lodge a complaint but they refused to take saying that it is a criminal case. I don't want to go to court as it will keep the case pending for years and further this man is so shrewd that he may have transferred the money successfully to his relatives showing him bankrupt. Further now he and his family are also not found in the house where he used to stay whenever I go, but if I called him for a meeting he meets me in the same house where I never find his son & wife now. His son is a CA working in a firm with a nice package but is not available to talk. I have also heard from this person that he has taken money from many other persons also and is under debt for around 25 crores. I have also heard that many people come to his house of which I have met 2 persons whose total debt is around 1 crore. Therefore I request you to guide me as to how can I recover my money from him.Read More

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Advocate Vabhav
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With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) If the compromise mentioned in your query, has been made part of the Court order that you can apply before the same Court for enforcement of this order. (2) If the compromise is part of the Court order, then the oppposite party can be jailed and even movable and immovable properties can be attached and sold to recover the amount. (3) If the compromise is not part of the Court order, then you can file FIR under section 420 , 467, 468, 509 of IPC. You can file recovery suit also to get your money back in Civil Court along with interest.Read More

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Advocate Kishan (Retd. Judge)
Answered on 01:24 PM, 05 Apr 19

You may immediately get a stay order from the concerned Court or Debt Recovery Tribunal and show the property of borrower so that Bank will attach that property instead of your property.Read More

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You can file a debt recovery against a person to claim the interest. You can consult a debt recovery lawyer in India to file a civil suit against the person. To claim the interest, you can file a summary suit under Order 37 of CPC. In a summary suit, a defendant has to first obtain the leave to defend from the court. The person needs to disclose the facts which are sufficient to entitle him to defend in the application for leave to defend. Read More

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You can take legal action against that person even if the export was made to Dubai.  You can first send a legal notice to the person with the help of a good debt recovery lawyer in India, who can draft and send a legal notice to the person in Rajkot.  The lawyer will include details like the issue faced, the amount of money due, the remedy sought from the buyer, etc. and attach any relevant document such as any contract between you and the buyer, any conversation, receipts, invoices, etc, shipment receipts, etc. as proof.  If the buyer does not respond to your notice within 30 days, you can ask your advocate to file a fraud case against him.  It is important that you keep all the necessary documents relating to the sale, safely to serve them as evidence before the court.Read More

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Answered on 02:12 PM, 14 Dec 18

You can file a fraud case against the cab service provider for taking your money and then not providing the services promised. You can contact a good criminal lawyer in India to file a complaint against the person. The lawyer will file a complaint on your behalf with the police station near you and the police will register a case of fraud against the service provider. The police will conduct an investigation and file a report with the Magistrate. The court will send summons to the person to appear before the court and present his side. The court will evaluate the facts and evidence and pass a decision. If you don't want to file a criminal case, you can also file a debt recovery case against the person with the help of a civil lawyer in India. The debt recovery suit is filed in form of a summary suit.Read More

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A complaint against an advocate in India can be filed with the Bar Council of India. You can file a written complaint against the lawyer for violating the Bar Council Rules relating to the code of conduct for lawyers. You need to file a complaint with the Bar Council office of the State in which the lawyer is practising. Read More

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