I have bought a second-hand bike through a dealer. I reside in Aurangabad, the bike is from Pune. The dealer promised to give me all document along with NOC for Transfer in a week. I paid him 65,000/- via online banking and about 13,000/- in cash. He later told me RC book lost. Its been all most 1 and a half year he has not given any paper to me. Also when he sold me the bike it was in the different name on RTO website. Now it is showing different owner on the RTO site. What action needs to be taken by me now. Please advise.Read More

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You change your advocate by obtaining NOC from the existing advocate and he might ask for payment of his fees which is due. Once your existing advocate provides you with the No Objection Certificate (NOC) then you can file the NOC in the Court along with the fresh Vakalatnama of your new Lawyer. If your existing advocate is giving a hard time in giving the NOC, then bring this fact to the notice of the Court with the help of your new Lawyer. The Court will take notice of the fact and allow you to engage a new Lawyer for your case. Also get all your case-related documents, applications, plaints, etc. from your previous lawyer in your custody after you get the NOC from him. There is no point in keeping your documents with him and also once you are no longer engaging him, he may misuse them and hence, it is not advisable. Order 3 of Civil Procedure Code gives aggrieved persons the right to choose one’s pleader (advocate). Therefore changing of pleader with the leave of the Court is possible. The new pleader should submit a duly signed Vakalatnama to the court. Hence, it is possible to change one’s pleader. In a few cases problem arises with the case history. If the pleader fails to give it to the client, the client can apply for the order sheet by an application to the Court. For more clarification, you can consult the best general legal lawyer in India, who will advise you for the same.Read More

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I have been forced to take psychiatric medication since 2 years by my parents and family members. I am a well-educated person and do not need any psychiatric medication because I am absolutely normal. I was even forced and bitten by local gundas hired by my parents and admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I was released after 1.5 months consecutively. My question is can I file a case against my parents for this forced medication?Read More

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Advocate Abhishek Singh
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Hi, You are completely entitled for the repayment of your loan amount along with interest from the date of payment. However, Since you have already filed a legal case I will need the details of which to guide you any further. I believe you must have filed a suit for recovery or a summary suit, we will need the details of the case which you have already filed to tell the exact steps which you need to take to get your money back. Rest be assured if you have documentary proof of the payment, you will get your money back.Read More

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Caveat is a legal notice to the court informing it that a person may proceed to file a suit against him/her and asking the court to give a fair hearing before the court takes a final decision. A caveat can be filed only in a High Court or in the Supreme Court of India. A caveat can also be filed in any Tribunal, Forum or Commission in which an appeal can be filed. In your matter you can file a caveat petition in the High Court to stop unnecessarily filing case against you. You can file a caveat online with the NCDRC through the best consumer court lawyers in India. Your lawyer will represent your case before the national commission and you will not personally have to appear before the court. NCDRC is National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. The NCDRC hears cases which have been appealed against the decision of the State Commission (SCDRC) and those in which the claimed sum exceeds Rs. 1 crore. This is a commission where a consumer case is takes place. READ: How To File A Consumer Complaint In Consumer Forum in India? For more clarification, you can consult an expert consumer protection lawyer in India or an expert general legal lawyer in India, who will advise you better in your matter.Read More

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With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) Is marriage certificate mandatory for US VISA? Please check embassy process for necessary documents as per type of Visa(L1 or H1B), If required affidavit will not be sufficient and you need to apply and get a marriage certificate. (2) I assume your wife name appears in your passport spouse row and vice-versa, this is sufficient, But still check the required documents for Visa processing. (3) For getting a marriage certificate, you need to fill form for marriage certificate, apply with documents, fees, witness to the registrar of your place, post verification of documents, couple + witness thumb impression and photograph will be taken in registrar office. (4) Once aforesaid step(3) is completed, you will get certificate from same office in one week time.Read More

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If any case of Army has been closed for 14 years, then you can run the case again.Read More

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We are currently residing in the United States. We need to retrieve the death certificate of my wife's deceased husband, who passed away in December 2018. He used to reside in Anand, Gujarat. What is the procedure to retrieve the death certificate?Read More

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With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) You can write a letter to get the copy of the agreement. However it is mandatory that you must be party to such contract. (2) In case the copy of agreement is not provided to you, you may file a civil suit showing that how your interest are affected if you are provided with the copy of the agreement. (3) If it is expected you may suffer loss by not providing the copy by the Reliance Company, the Court may order the Company to provide to copy to you. (4) As Reliance is not a public company so RTI does not apply to it. (5) Under Law, no one is remedy less and so under section 9 of CPC, you are entitled to file civil suit to protect your civil rights by seeking a relief of mandatory injunction that M/s Reliance be directed to furnish the copy to you. You can claim damages also if you have suffered any loss as M/s Reliance has not provided the copy of agreement to you. (6) Before moving the Court, it is advised you must a write a free letters explaining your problems and relevance of Contract for you. It would be better you give a legal notice demanding copy of the agreement before going over to the Court.Read More

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Advocate Vabhav
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With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) The whatsapp message given by your borrower friend is sufficient proof of the loan taken by him from you coupled with oral evidence of your another friend who can be produced before the Court to prove the factum of loan. (2) If the loan is not being repaid, the only remedy open to you is to file a suit for recovery of amount before the Civil Court of competent jurisdiction. (3) As loan transaction has taken place in Kolkata only, the Civil Court of Kolkata can entertain the suit. (4) You can file Criminal complaint against your borrower friend for cheating and breach of trust also.Read More

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