Can a 27 years old boy had a consensual relationship with 28 old girls get bail on rape case given by her.Read More

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My brother is in jail under 376. In jail, three months had passed. On what grounds he gets bail. Please guide me.Read More

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Can a non-bailable warrant (nbw) be issued without a hearing? Can an arbitrating judge issue a non-bailable warrant (nbw)? I have missed EMI payments on an unsecured personal loan. The case has been placed for an out of court mediation.Read More

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As you have not stated under what kind of an offence your brother has been held accountable, we provide you with general remedy which is available. You can file an appeal in high court or you can file a fresh bail application on fresh grounds in session court under section 437 of the Criminal procedure code. But it is upon the descretion of the magistrate.  READ: Bail - All You Need To Know You can consult an expert criminal lawyer in India, who will guide you better with respect to the case your brother is being held accountable for. You can also request court for the same.Read More

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Advocate Vabhav | Legistify

Advocate Vabhav
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With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) Bail is granted to the effect that no arrest shall be made during pendency of the proceedings under 498A IPC case. (2) It is not mandatory to apply for anticipatory bail before applying for regular bail in the case.Read More

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The process to apply for bail depends upon the stage at which the criminal matter is. In case, the person is not yet arrested by the cour, but fears that an FIR may be filed against him with the police, the person can hire a .criminal defence lawyer in India to file an anticipatory bail application. If the police have already arrested the person and taken him to the police station, the bail lawyer can file a bail as per the bail application format given in the CrPC. The bail application is to be filed and approved by the court and then presented to the police to get the arrested out of jail. However, there are certain conditions on which bail can be granted in case the person is arrested or is likely to be arrested for a bailable offence: There are sufficient reasons to believe that the accused has not committed the offence. If, as per the court, there is sufficient reason to conduct a further enquiry in the matter. The person is not accused of any crime for which is punishable with death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment up to 10 years. Once the police prepare the charge sheet and submit it in the court, the person will be tried in court for that offence and would need to hire a criminal lawyer to present his defence in the matter.Read More

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A person who thinks that he may be arrested by the police for a non-bailable offence can file an application for anticipatory bail. It is like an advance bail obtained under Section 438 of the CrPC. A bail under Section 438 is a bail before the arrest and a person cannot be arrested by the police if the anticipatory bail has been granted by the court. If you haven't been arrested by the police yet, but fear that an FIR may be filed against you with the police, you can hire a criminal defence lawyer in India to file an anticipatory bail application. READ: Meaning, Concept And Types Of Bail In India Read More

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In such circumstances, you may apply for a pre-arrest transit bail in Maharashtra to prevent your arrest in Maharashtra. You must hire the top Bail Lawyers in Mumbai to help you apply for a pre-arrest transit bail. The Court may grant such bail if it may grant you bail on such conditions that may be applicable. Further, you have to undertake to cooperate with the investigation at all stages. The transit bail is granted for a limited period of time and must be followed by a regular bail filing in Kolkata subsequently. You must consult the expert Bail Attorneys in Kolkata to help you with the same. Contact us at 011-331-38-123  or visit our website to talk to expert lawyers to resolve your legal issue. Read More

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The bail amount may be refunded if you have fulfilled all the conditions that have stated in the bail bond. You must hire the top bail lawyers in Hisar to help you in this process. The bail amount is always refunded by cheque even if the amount had been deposited in cash. The amount deposited by you is refunded to you as it is irrespective of whether you are innocent or guilty without any interest on the amount. You must hire the best bail lawyers in Hisar to help you in this process. Read More

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Whether your husband can get bail or not will depend on several factors which will be taken into consideration by the Courts before granting the bail petition. Hiring the best criminal lawyers in India will help you file a petition that is legally sound and meets all the necessary criteria. Circumstances such as previous criminal record, offering to join the investigation, giving an undertaking to not tamper with evidence or to keep a distance from witnesses, etc., may help you in actually getting a bail. Other circumstances specific to your case must be discussed with the top criminal lawyers in your locality and dealt with accordingly. When a person is arrested, he is taken to the police station which has jurisdiction over the areas of residence of the accused. The Police Officer records details of the accused and undertakes a background check, takes fingerprints and the registers the case against the accused. If the accused is charged with a bailable offence, he may submit a Form 45 requesting a bail before the Court in which his case is being heard and instant bail is granted after the bond amount is furnished. If the offence is non-bailable, the grant of bail is at the discretion of the Court and the accused may have to wait up to 48 hours before being heard by the Court. Hiring the best criminal law advocates in India will help you in getting a bail in an easy and hassle-free manner. Read More

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