IF RERA has given an order of possession and compensation which builder is not following can I approach NCDRC for a refund?Read More

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My only daughter becomes widow upon the sudden death of her husband. She has two minor children, a boy and a girl. Upon the death of her husband, she has inherited his property. She will inherit my property also after my death. If she dies before me. Who will be the legal heir for the property inherited by her from her husband and for my property to have been inherited by her had she been alive? Her father-in-law and mother-in-law are alive still.Read More

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Advocate Vabhav | Legistify

Advocate Vabhav
Answered on 09:39 PM, 06 May 19

With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) The Contract by a minor is void (2) Minor is not bound by the terms of the Contract (3) If no involvement of guardian of a minor is there, the guardian cannot be held liable for any consequences of such agreement. (4) Your query shows that the Contract has been executed and signed only by your minor son and you have no role in Contract. (5) No amount of any penalty in persuance of such void Contract can be recovered either from your minor son or from you.Read More

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We purchased a saleable component flat in a redevelopment project in 2010 where the project is stalled & the builder is absconding. The tenants of the building refuse to recognise our rights as we purchased the flat from the builder but the builder failed to construct the building. We paid half the cost with only an allotment letter in hand as the registration never happened. Appealed in High Court Mumbai to recognise our rights in the project in 2017 but with no respite & the lawyer has also raised his hands saying the court has many cases & don't know when our case will be heard. As the project is not registered under RERA we cannot file a complaint in Maha RERA. So have filed in the Inform non-registration tab in Maha RERA website in September 2018 but it still shows In progress. Need to understand how to file a case under Rera & protect our rights & get a solution as its already been 9 years now? One of the purchasers even got an order under Consumer Forum but it did not help.Read More

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Advocate Vabhav | Legistify

Advocate Vabhav
Answered on 03:37 PM, 07 May 19

With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) Marriage can be solemenized by two adult persons as per their sweet will (2) As your friend is already married, so the only way to get into valid marriage with him is that you adopt islam and only therafter you can marry him because Muslim Law provides second marriage even while subsistence of previous marriage. (3) As Hindu you cannot marry him under Special Marriaga Act because neither of the spouse must have a living wife or husband if marriage is performed under Special Marriage Act. (4) The Special Marriage Act permits marriage between members of two different religions but none of them should have a susbsisting marital status and should not have a living spouse. (5) In nutshlell, the only way to marry the muslim boy is that you also become muslim and convert your religion and therafter marry him. (6) Under personal Law, either Hindu Law or Muslim Law, marriage between a muslim and hindu is not validRead More

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We are currently residing in the United States. We need to retrieve the death certificate of my wife's deceased husband, who passed away in December 2018. He used to reside in Anand, Gujarat. What is the procedure to retrieve the death certificate?Read More

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What type of evidence do I need to prove in court that I have been beaten up by a police officer? I have a medical report and photo of injury.Read More

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A force marriage occurs when the spouse are not ready for the marriage. You can consult the best family law advocates in India to take a legal action against your forced marriage. No one can be forced to marry without their consent. If your parents are forcing you to marry someone by fraud means you can contact the Women Cell of the Local Police of the city you are in. She need to lodge a written complaint against her parents for forcing her to marry someone by fraud means. Forcing someone to get married is illegal as per the Indian Laws. And if anyone are being forced, then your Right to life and Human Rights under article 16 of Human Rights Convention are being violated. To restore your right, you need to connect with a lawyer, who will guide you about how to deal with such situations legally. We understand your problems and will help you find an experienced family law lawyer in India. They are a group that protects and helps young Indian couples to get married and to escape from forced marriage. For more information to know about forced marriage you can: READ: 5 Things to do if You are being Forced into MarriageRead More

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Advocate Vabhav | Legistify

Advocate Vabhav
Answered on 03:08 PM, 06 May 19

With respect to your query, the legal opinion is as under:- (1) The property of your daughter will go her children. No-one else will inherit her property. (2) Even your property will devolve upon children of your daughter. (3) The property which has been inherited by your daughter from her husband is her absolute property having trappings of her personal property. The father-in-law or mother-in-law of your daughter are not natural heirs of your daughter. They cannot claim any right in this property.Read More

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How can I obtain agreement copy from reliance tower office as my land is acquired by someone else and a tower was installed on it?Read More

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