My neighbours constantly have late-night music going on which is a nuisance. Despite police complaints, they still do the same. What's the best way to get them evicted legally?Read More

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How can I get a conversion certificate from court to change name and religion in the gazette?Read More

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I want to know what's the legal way through which I'll not have to take care of my mother because I feel I'm being mentally harassed by her. She doesn't work, spends my money without my permission. Currently I'm going through a lot financial stress and even after repeated requests she doesn't want to work. Since, I was 13 years or so, she never provided me food on time. I had to beg her for food, even though we had everything at home she didn't cook because of her laziness. I used to feel as if I'll faint and still I do. She never took proper care of me when I was a child. I got so many eye witness who have seen my condition, me begging her for food. When she didn't take care of me when I was a kid, is there anyway I will not have to take care of her now?Read More

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I had an investment in one scheme of a company which was shut down by SEBI since it didn't have PMS license of SEBI in JAN-2016. The final order regarding the matter was passed by SEBI in April 2018. Though 90% of the investor funds were frozen by SEBI in company accounts. With the excuse of recovering 10% of funds they are delaying the refund for past 1.5 yrs and till date are unable to recover the 10%. Kindly suggest me how can I claim back the 90% of my investment from SEBI without further delay.Read More

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I got married 3 years ago, but my wife has been mentally torturing me and my parents. I want a divorce as I fear for my life. What can be done?Read More

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My wife is torturing me. I want divorce from her. We have an 8 years old daughter. I am a salaried person and wife earns nothing. How to get a divorce? Who will get custody of my daughter?Read More

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Recently our civil suit about our property was settled amicably. Is there any stamp duty or fees to be paid to the Court to get a certified copy of the decree? What's the procedure to get the certified copy of the decree/judgement?Read More

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The Petitioner had filed an arbitration petition in the year 2004 for some property disputes that disputes were among brothers and the Prothonotary and senior master rejected the petition on ground of non-removal of objections raised under Rule 986 within the time limit. The eldest brother has taken possession of the property and does not allow other brothers to use the property (shop). So, my query is what is the time-barred limit in this matter? Now, Can the petitioner remove that objection raised in the petition filed in the year 2004 or the Petitioner has to file a fresh petition to take possession of the property? Or what should be better, is it to remove objection in the existing petition or to file a fresh petition and set aside the already file a petition as more than 15 years has been expired? Kindly help me on the above-mentioned matter that what would be easier to take possession of the property. What next steps can the petitioner take?Read More

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My father owns a piece of land in the city. The opposition party (plaintiff) had filed a case against my father ( respondent) and it was under litigation since 2006, and in 2017 the case was dismissed in our favour. But the opposition has obtained building permits through false legal opinion and by suppressing the court order. They have bribed the locals and started construction from the past 1 year. We have pleaded GHMC to cancel the wrong building permits but they have not taken any action so far.Read More

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