I am a customer of Bank of Baroda Dakshin Barasat branch. 11/5/2019 I deposited 1500/- but it has deposited to another account. When I contacted the branch, they seize that account and told me that till the person doesn't come to the branch I can't get my money back. My aadhar no. was linked with that person's account. Actually, I opened my account with aadhar but because of the branch employees, they linked my aadhar no. with another person. In this ground can I report to the consumer forum? Because it's very uncertain that till that person will not come to the branch I can't get my money back. Please help.Read More

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I took a home loan from LIC bank 2 years back and was able to pay the EMIs on time until I got separated with my Wife. I am not able to to pay 5 EMIs however every month have been paying a small amount to the bank. I am jobless now, since 2 months with medical bills of my Mom who is 60 years now. Now all of sudden I got a call from LIC agent and he said possession letter has been initiated and 18th May I will have to vacant the house. I use to stay far from my home due to the job and these agents use to come to my home and harass my Mom for payments. I am in the process of selling my property and now aggressively looking for customers, how can I ask more time from LIC? Talking to agents is a waste of time. Please advice!Read More

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I had American Express credit card whose phone, email, and address details were changed by some frauds by fooling me. When I saw my online transactions for the previous day, I saw some unauthorized transactions. I immediately called American Express customer service and got my credit card blocked and told them that there was a fraud, people who were misusing my credentials and do not issue a new card. This was in 2017. I then paid all the outstanding of the card. I did not hear anything from them after that. In 2018, when I was checking my credit score, I was surprised to see a second Amex credit card had been issued and around 1.4 lakhs were used from the credit card. I never got any notification because the registered mobile number and email ID were changed. I approached Janakpuri police and lodged a complaint against the agency. After multiple attempts, a joint FIR was filed along with 2 other people who were duped by the agency. This was in April-May 2018. Then I started getting calls from recovery agents of American Express threatening FIR for cheating, so I visiting American Express Gurgaon office and explained the scenario. I told I don't want harassment at workplace or at home and let's settle this amicably if there was a small settlement amount as I was not sure how much time the police process will take. But American Express reduced 10% and asked me to pay the balance. I refused and sent a complaint to the American Express grievance cell. The matter is still not solved, the police have not made any progress so the stolen money is not recovered. Meanwhile, the American express recovery agents are getting restless, calling me multiple times during office hours and accusing me of being a thief, now they are even calling after 6 PM violating the RBI guidelines. What are my options, in this case, the amount is very big and I think the American Express people also to be blamed to issue a card without proper verification and in spite of me telling not to issue a new card?Read More

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I and my father have jointly purchased one retail shop for my son in an upcoming commercial project cum bus stand at Mohali. Said a company has failed to build/give possession within a given time as per agreement to the buyers. Many other buyers have filed a complaint in State Consumer Form and got relief. As per the information said the company is the default and many FIR's being registered against them. How can we get our money back?Read More

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Send him a legal notice at first to create some pressure and then file a consumer case in consumer court. If reciept is issued by him against the payment that would be enough to prosecute him in consumer forum. You can hire a top consumer protection lawyer in India, who will help you in drafting a legal notice and also help in filing a consumer complaint in respective consumer forum. READ: How To File A Consumer Complaint In Consumer Forum in India?Read More

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You can file a consumer complaint against the company regarding getting a refund of the amount paid by you. You can file a consumer complaint in district consumer forum to seek relief. You can also file a civil suit. READ: When Can You File A Consumer Complaint In India The first step to do is you can send a legal notice to the company mentioning all the details of your case with the help of an expert advocate and try to seek redressal directly from the brand is not effective then one has to approach the District level Consumer Forum. To file a complaint in a Consumer Court, the complainant needs to find the Consumer forum in his/her region where the complaint is to be filed against the E-commerce company. The consumer has to consider the regional and the financial jurisdiction of the forum before filing the complaint. You can consult an experienced consumer protection lawyer in India, who will help you and advice you in your matter and also take care of your case. READ: Lodging A Complaint Against E-Commerce SitesRead More

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If a fault develops soon after you purchased an item, or if it was faulty straight away, meaning the goods are not of satisfactory quality, then you are entitled to a full refund from the retailer. The legal term to use here is the “right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act”, as the item was not of satisfactory quality. You must give the seller clear notice that the item is rejected within 30 days for a refund to be given. READ: How To File A Consumer Complaint In Consumer Forum in India? You can first contact the retailer and tell them you want to reject the item and would like a full refund. If the item is genuinely faulty and 30 days have not elapsed since the purchase, you should get a refund. You will probably need to provide proof of purchase but remember this doesn’t always have to be a receipt. It can be a credit card or bank statement, a witness, a cheque stub or any other evidence that proves you bought the product from that retailer. If the retailer rejects your claim then check to see if the faulty goods are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. If they are then tell the manufacturer about the fault and ask for a refund. If neither the retailer nor manufacturer offers a refund then write to the retailer again formally rejecting the faulty goods under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Explain that you will take the matter to the small claims court unless a full refund is offered. If the retailer still does not offer a refund, at this point you may want to consider getting the item replaced or repaired instead. If, however, you are adamant that you want a refund, you may be able to take the case to the small claims court. For more clarification regarding your case you can consult a top consumer protection lawyer in India, who will suggest you and help you in your matter.Read More

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You can send a legal notice to the company with the help of an expert consumer protection lawyer in India, who will help you in drafting a legal notice and advice you in your matter. You can file a complaint against the company for not delivered the machine, as it is been 4 months or you can ask a refund of money from the company with the help of a lawyer.Read More

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I hope you will be able to assist me. I signed a rental agreement with rapid rentals and my contract states that my electricity will be through them and I have paid a deposit for the electricity to them. 3 month before my contract ended my power was shut off and the rental agency said I should get a prepaid meter they no longer handle my electricity. I lived without power for a month and moved to a different location. I didn't stay the full month's I signed because according to me they broke the contract with me. Now they want Rs. 15,000 or I'm getting black-listed. Do I have a case against them? Please help.Read More

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Yours is a case of consumer dispute and you can file a consumer complaint against the car workshop.  The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is the primary legislation that protects the interest of consumers and lays down the legal remedy for the consumer in case they receive substandard, faulty or deficient goods or services. You can file a consumer complaint on the grounds of deficiency of services and selling goods or services in a manner that violates the law (in your case- fraudulently). The consumer forums in India are as follows: District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum: The value of the goods or services and the compensation does not exceed Rs. 20 lakhs. State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission: The value of the goods or services and compensation is more than Rs. 20 lakhs but less than Rs. 1 crore as well as appeals against the orders of any District Forum within the State. National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission: The value of the goods or services and compensation is more than Rs. 1 crore; as well as appeals against the orders of any State Commission. Before filing a case with the consumer court, the consumer must send a written notice to the seller or service provider through a consumer case lawyer in India. The notice must clearly state the grievances of the consumer and the action required. However, the consumer case must be filed within 2 years from the date of the cause of action i.e. when the consumer first faced the problem or came to know about the grievance. The consumer courts may refuse to grant any relief even if there is a clear violation of a consumer’s right unless the consumer proves reasonable grounds for the delay to the court and the court pardons such delay. For a detailed guide on how to file a consumer complaint, read: How To File A Consumer Complaint In Consumer Forum in India?Read More

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