Website Documents And Policies

Every business that has an online presence in form of a website needs to have certain legal documents in place for its users and visitors. These website documents lay down down the terms of using the website, details about the information of users collected by the website,any disclaimers and other policies and procedures of the website.

Website policies and terms include the Privacy policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Refund and Return Policy. Businesses with a website or app require these website documents to reduce their liability in case of any dispute that might arise about the use of the website, user data collected and used, and the content posted by a third party.

Draft Website Documents And Policies
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What You'll Get In The Package


  • Telephonic consultation with the lawyer for 30 minutes.
  • Drafting of Privacy Policy.
  • Drafting of Terms of Use.
  • Drafting of Disclaimer.
  • Drafting of Refund and Return Policy, if applicable.


  • Additional documentation work for the startup.
  • Other legal assistance or litigation work.

Documents required to draft Website Policies and Terms

  • Details about the website.
  • Details relevant for drafting of website policies.

Procedure to draft Website Policies and Terms

Once the requisite documents and information are submitted, the lawyer proceeds to draft the website policies. The draft of website documents is shared for approval. After the documents are approved, the policies can be posted on the website.

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Why is a privacy policy needed?
As per the Information Technology law, a company or person who collects, receives, possess, stores, deals or handle information must have a privacy policy on their website. Privacy policy is required to let the user know the kind of information collected and stored by the website and whether this information is shared with a third party.
What is a website disclaimer?
A website disclaimer relates to the legal liability of a website. Every website must have a disclaimer to reduce its liability relating to the third party access of any content or information posted on the website.
What is the difference between privacy policy and disclaimer?
A disclaimer is a short statement that the website or app is not responsible for any inaccurate information or content posted by a third party. A privacy policy lays down the information on what kind of user data is collected and stored by the website.
What is a refund and return policy?
A Refund, Return and Cancellation policy is a website document required by websites engaged in selling any products. It lays down the website’s policy on how and when a product can be returned, how the buyer can claim refund of their money and how an order placed can be cancelled.
What is a user policy?
A user policy contains a set of rules applied by a business that restricts the ways in which users can use a network, website or system. It generally contains information security policies.
What laws govern website documents in India?
The Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology Rules, 2011 are the primary laws and rules relating to website documents in India.
Why do I need a lawyer to draft website documents?
It is recommended to hire a lawyer to draft your website’s documents as a lawyer can understand your website’s requirement and draft customised documents to provide an overall coverage from any kind of liability that may arise from the website’s use.
Are privacy policy and terms of use different?
A privacy policy lists the user data collected, stored, shared and how this data is protected. Terms of Use is the policy of the website that lays down the guidelines on how the website must be used, prohibited activities, use of its Copyright, etc.