Property Verification

Before finalising the purchase of any property, it is important that establish that there is a valid title of the property. This makes it the very first step of any property purchase to make sure that all the legalities attached to a property are in place so that no legal dispute arises in the future. The title of the property is the proof that it is not already owned by anyone. 

Property verification is the process of performing due diligence regarding the documents associated with a property. It includes conducting a complete background check regarding the genuineness and trustworthiness of such property documents. Verification of property also includes conducting an in-depth analysis of the property's floor plan, photographs provided by the seller, documents relating to construction and cross-check of amenities and landmarks.

Verify Your Property Documents
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  • Telephonic consultation with the lawyer for 20  minutes.
  • Generation of Title Search Report for the past 13 years.
  • Verification of property documents to check the title and rights of seller.
  • Verification of stamp duty paid.


  • Title Search for more than 13 years.
  • Verification of documents for property like agricultural land, complexes, large commercial buildings, land parcels, etc.
  • Other legal work relating to property document verification.

Documents required for Property Verification

The following documents are needed to conduct property verification, as applicable:

  1. Sale Deed
  2. Sale-Purchase Agreement
  3. General or Special Power of Attorney
  4. Partition Deed
  5. Relinquishment Deed

Procedure of Verification for Property

The procedure of property verification in India begins when all the property documents are submitted. Once the documents are received, the property lawyer begins the property verification procedure. The property lawyer ensures that the documents associated with a property purchase are valid and performs a complete check on the tile and rights of the seller.

The property verification process also will also verify the previous records of the property, including a check on property registration and whether the stamp duty has been paid or not.

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Why is property verification necessary?
Property verification is necessary to ascertain that the title of a property is valid and the seller has an absolute and unchallenged right to sell the property. A property verification reveals if there are any pending cases relating to the property in a court. It also helps the buyer in planning for the risk management or for buying a property insurance.
Who can conduct the property verification process?
The property verification procedure is conducted by an expert property lawyer who holds prior experience in verifying the property documents.
When should property verification be conducted?
Verification of property must be done immediately before investing in any property.
How much time does it take for property verification?
It usually takes 4-7 days for verification of property once all the documents are submitted.
Which law applies to registration of a property document?
The Registration Act, 1908 and the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 are applicable over the registration of a property document in India.
For which kind of property is verification needed?
Property verification is needed for any kind of immovable property like a house, building, flat, land, commercial space, etc.
What is a Sale Deed?
Sale deed is the primary legal document that serves as the evidence for sale and transfer of a property's ownership. A sale deed is also known as a conveyance deed and describes the transfer of rights, title and ownership of the property from seller to buyer. A sale deed is said to be executed only after the agreement to sale is entered into.
What is a Sale and Purchase Agreement?
A sale and purchase agreement (SPA) is a legal document that binds a buyer and seller to purchase and sell a product or service. SPA is entered into for the execution of a sale deed. A sale-purchase agreement is an in-depth agreement that defines the terms and conditions of a sale of a property and is more detailed than a sale deed.