Family Immigration

Family Immigration is the process by which citizens and lawful permanent residents of a country can sponsor family members for a Visa that may provide such family members with permanent residence of that country. Family immigration procedures try to balance the right of a family to live together with the country’s right to control immigration into the country. Immigration laws differ from country to country with respect to family immigration. While some countries allow for family immigration to be applied for on behalf of a minor so as to reunite him/her with family members, others allow for such applications to be made only by individuals over 18 years of age.

If you are looking to undertake family immigration to so as to reunite with your family members in another country, taking the advice of the top Immigration lawyers will help you in understanding the legal necessities and procedures involved in the process.

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  • 20 minutes consultation with the lawyer regarding the work that will be done together
  • Clarification on family immigration process and timeline
  • Checklist and verification of necessary documents
  • Drafting and filing of the visa application
  • Advice on related questions


  • Any expenses incurred in the immigration process will not be covered
  • Any additional immigration related issues apart from the corporate immigration being undertaken shall not be covered. You may hire the lawyer for any further immigration issues

Documents Necessary for Family Immigration

  1. Passport of Family Members
  2. Photographs
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage Certificate, Adoption Certificate, etc. (whichever applicable)
  5. Any other documents as required for the specific country into which you’re immigrating (as specified by the lawyer)

Procedure for Family Immigration

  1. You must submit your documents for verification
  2. Legistify connects you with the top Immigration advocates specializing in corporate immigration
  3. The advocate goes through the documents submitted and makes suggestions
  4. The visa application is submitted with necessary documents
  5. You may clear any questions and doubts that you have regarding the process

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Can I apply for the immigration of my parents?
Although specific laws vary from country to country, most countries allow for the family immigration of parents of adult children vide the concept of family reunification. The age at which the child may apply for such immigration also varies from country to country. The ability of the child to provide for the parents in the country to which the immigration is being undertaken is generally taken into consideration. Some countries also allow for family application to be applied for on behalf of minor children which is often used as a means of escaping from a country under terror and seeking asylum in another country.
What qualifications are necessary for a person to apply for family immigration?
The most common qualifications for a person to apply for family immigration is that the person applying is a citizen of such country or a lawful permanent resident. Most countries require proof that the person applying for immigration is capable of supporting the immigrating family members. Also, most countries also require that the person applying is above the age of majority. Specifications regarding these factors as well as any other additional factors vary depending on the laws of the country into which the immigration is taking place.
How can I apply for the immigration of my partner?
Most countries have immigration laws allowing immigration into the country to the spouse or fiance of an existing citizen or lawful permanent resident of the country. Some countries also make provision for family immigration of de facto partners of existing citizens or lawful permanent residents. Taking the help of the top immigration lawyers will help you in determining the exact specifications regarding how you should go about the immigration process.
What kind of immigration process is applied in the process of adoption?
If you are adopting a child from another country, you must apply for a family visa for this purpose. Most countries make provisions for such immigration for children who are below 18 years of age and who are unmarried. Specifications with respect to the country into which the child is being adopted must be carefully scrutinized as it may also form a part of the basis of adoption from the country of origin.
Who is eligible for a Child Visa?
You may apply for a child visa for your child when s/he is below 18 years of age and is single, i.e., not married, engaged to be married, or in a de facto relationship. Depending upon a child’s dependency status, a child above 18 years old may also be granted a child visa. The specifications related to the immigration laws, however, vary from country to country.
Who may apply for a Carer Visa?
If you have been taking care of a relative with a permanent or long-term medical condition or if you provide permanent or long-term support to a relative taking care of a member of their household who has such a medical condition, you may apply for a carer visa under the family immigration process.
When can my relative apply for a visa?
Your relative, other than your parents, partner or children, may apply for a Relative Visa in certain countries if: 1. Aged and financially dependent on you 2. You are the only living relative of theirs
Why does the kind of information necessary for each kind of family visa vary so much? How do I know for sure what information I should be providing?
The kind of information necessary for different types of family visa depending upon the kind of visa that you need. Hiring the top family immigration advocates will help you in determining what documents are necessary for the visa application that you are planning to file.