Divorce Notice Reply

When a divorce petition is initiated by one party, a notice of the same is sent by the Court to the other party informing them regarding the same as well as the dates of the hearing. If you have received a notice, you must reply to it stating your response to the issues raised by your wife and negating them where necessary.

You must send a legal notice drafted by the most experienced local advocates to help in solving your matrimonial dispute.

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  • Introduction call to know your lawyer and for your lawyer to know the details of your case.
  • Drafting of the legal notice.
  • Draft legal notice will be shared with you for approval.
  • Dispatch of final legal notice.



  • Preparation of any other documents apart from the reply to the divorce notice.
  • Filing any case after dispatching the legal notice. You may hire the divorce lawyer to help you with your matrimonial dispute further.

Documents required for Reply to Divorce Notice

  1. Address proof of husband and wife
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Passport photographs of the marriage of husband and wife
  4. Evidence proving or disproving the grounds on which the divorce proceedings are being filed

Procedure for sending Reply to Divorce Notice

  1. When a petition of divorce is filed before the Court, the Court sends a notice to the opposite party, notifying them of the petition
  2. On submission of the process fee, the notice is submitted to the opposite party which includes such details as the date of the hearing, the Court before which the petition has been filed, etc.
  3. After receiving the notice, the opposite party files a reply to the same with the help of the top divorce advocates

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When should I reply to a divorce notice?
The divorce notice should ideally contain the time limitation within which the reply to the notice should be filed. The date of limitation must be counted from the date on which the notice is received by you. You must respond to every point that has been raised in the divorce notice. You must hire the best local divorce lawyers to help you in drafting an efficient and strong reply to the divorce notice.
How can I form a good reply to a legal notice for divorce?
To form a good reply to a legal notice for divorce, you must hire the best divorce law advocates in your locality through Legistify.com. Legistify provides you with services to draft a legal notice at affordable costs with no extra charges and through the most experienced lawyers in your local area. The legal notice must be well-drafted and should cover all points that have been stated in the divorce notice. You must present all relevant information to our lawyers including specifics of the date and time of the allegations made against you. The lawyer shall then be able to draft a good reply to the divorce notice and will draft a counter-notice refuting false allegations made against you and responding to other claims appropriately.
In which Court should the reply for the divorce notice be filed?
The reply to the divorce notice must be filed before the Court in which the divorce proceedings have been initiated. The divorce proceedings are generally initiated before the Court that has appropriate jurisdiction depending upon: 1. The place at which the marriage took place 2. The last place where the husband and wife both resided 3. The place at which the wife resides at the time of filing of the petition
What happens if I do not reply to the divorce notice?
You must ideally file a reply to a divorce notice with the help of the top divorce lawyers in your locality. If you don’t reply to the notice, you might not be informed if there is any change to the date of the hearing or any other specifics. The Court might just assume that you are not keen on participating and hence, you shouldn’t take the chance and you must file the reply. Also, if you don’t send a reply and reach on the date of the hearing mentioned in the divorce petition notice, you lose on your chance to reply appropriately to the notice and also to negate such points that you think are false in the petition.
What do I do after receiving a divorce notice from my spouse?
After receiving a notice of divorce being initiated by your spouse, you must prepare to send a reply to the same. You must hire the best divorce lawyers in your locality to help you in drafting the reply. The reply must contain a response to all points raised in the notice and also include your contentions against such points which are false according to you. You must inform your lawyer regarding all the facts and circumstances of your case so that s/he may file an appropriate reply that will help you in putting your case before the Court.
How do I file a reply to a divorce notice issued against me?
When you receive a divorce from a Court informing you of divorce proceedings initiated against you, you must hire the top divorce law attorneys in your area to help you file a reply to the same. The reply must be well-drafted legally and must contain a detailed response to all points raised by your spouse. Hence, you must be absolutely honest before your lawyer about the facts and circumstances of your marriage and the issues raised in the petition.
Can I change Uncontested Divorce to Contested Divorce?
A mutual consent divorce is when both the husband and the wife agree that their marriage has broken down and that they should get a divorce. When a petition is filed jointly with accompanying affidavits, the Court generally grants a 6 months cooling-off period for the couple to reconsider their decision to separate. If during this period, some dispute arises between the spouses, they may withdraw their petition and file for a contested divorce instead. A petition to this extent must be filed by the spouse initiating the same and once the petition is filed, the Court procedure required for contested divorce is followed by the Court.
When can a person remarry after the divorce is granted?
While a decree of mutual consent divorce can’t be challenged after 90 days, the party who hasn’t received the favorable outcome in a contested divorce may challenge the same by way of appeal. If an appeal is initiated, none of the spouses may remarry unless the same is resolved because if the decree is reversed, the party which has remarried may be charged with bigamy. In case of an uncontested divorce, an appeal can only be filed within 90 days of the decree being passed after which the husband and wife may easily get married again.
Do both spouses have to appear in court for divorce trials?
Where a divorce by mutual consent is initiated, both parties have to appear before the Court in order to record their joint statement. However, if one of them is incapacitated to do the same, power of attorney may be given to a lawyer to appear on behalf of the party. In case of contested divorce, both parties have to appear before the Court when the Court directs them to do the same.
Can I transfer my divorce petition to another Court?
In order to transfer a divorce petition from one court to another, a petition to that effect must be moved before the Supreme Court. Additionally, the Supreme Court may transfer a case from one Court to another if it sees a substantial reason to do the same or if it is of the opinion that the Court before the case is filed doesn’t have appropriate jurisdiction.