Corporate Immigration

Corporate immigration is the process by which a company can transfer all or a part of your company’s business to another country. An important part of this immigration process is to facilitate the immigration of employees of the company who would be integral to run the operations in the new country. If your company is planning to undertake corporate immigration, you should comply with all business immigration religiously.

If you are looking to undertake corporate immigration to transfer any part of your company into another country, taking the advice of the top Immigration lawyers will help you in understanding the legal necessities and procedures involved in the process.

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  • 20 minutes consultation with the lawyer regarding the work that will be done together
  • Clarification on corporate immigration process and timeline
  • Checklist and verification of necessary documents
  • Drafting and filing of the visa application
  • Advice on related questions


  • Any expenses incurred in the immigration process will not be covered
  • Any additional immigration-related issues apart from the corporate immigration being undertaken shall not be covered. You may hire the lawyer for any further immigration issues.

Documents Necessary for Corporate Immigration

  1. Company Documents
  2. Employment Proof of employees
  3. Passport with minimum 6 months validity of employees
  4. Proof of Residence of employees
  5. Proof of Profession of employees
  6. Proof of Financial Soundness of employees
  7. Passport Photos of employees

Procedure for Corporate Immigration

  1. You must submit your documents for verification
  2. Legistify connects you with the top Immigration advocates specializing in corporate immigration
  3. The advocate goes through the documents submitted and makes suggestions
  4. The visa application is submitted with necessary documents
  5. You may clear any questions and doubts that you have regarding the process

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What are the different kinds of Visa that a company may require for corporate immigration?
A company may seek the following kinds of visas in the corporate immigration process: 1. Employment Visa 2. Business Visa 3. Intern Visa 4. Journalist Visa
What is the process for third-party contractors obtaining work permission in India?
Third party contractors who come to India with specialized knowledge and expertise in medical, engineering, legal, accounting or other highly skilled services may apply for corporate immigration with supporting documents from the sponsoring company. If the visa of such individuals is valid for a 180 day period, they must register at the FRO or FRRO within 14 days of arriving in India.
When should one apply for a business visa?
A business visa should be applied for when the person applying intends to enter a country to conduct a business or to explore business opportunities and not for working or earn an income from an organization therein. Applicant need to necessarily submit a letter from the organization with which they intend to do business with details regarding the nature of the business, places that s/he intends to visit, intention to meet expenses and duration of stay.
For how long can a business visa be granted?
In India, a business visa is valid for 5 years with multiple entries into the country being allowed. Holders of business visas are not allowed to stay in India at a stretch for more than 6 months. Foreigners who seek to set up joint ventures in India may be granted a business visa for 10 years.
What penalties may be assigned to companies for breach of corporate immigration laws?
When a foreign national does anything in contravention of immigration laws of a country, s/he may be subject to incurring a fine or even deportation. Where the violation of corporate laws is extreme, the foreign national may even be subject to imprisonment.
When should a foreign national apply for employment visa?
Employment Visas may be issued to foreigners working for an organization registered in the said country. Employment visas are generally granted for the term of the employment contract or for a period of one year and may be extended as necessary. Special project visas may be granted to skilled foreigners working for specialized industries. Individuals entering a country for longterm volunteer work may also be granted employment visas.
What is the visa application provision for journalistic work?
Foreign nationals entering a country who are professional journalists or photographers must apply for Journalist Visa. A Journalist Visa is issued for a period of 3 months and is essential if you want to have access to a particular area or meet certain particular persons.
What is the difference between employment and business visa?
When you are entering a country to work for a company registered therein and will be getting paid by them, you should apply for an employment visa. If you intend to conduct a business or are exploring new ideas to undertake a business, you must apply for a business visa.
How can I determine which visa will be most appropriate for me and my employees?
You must take the help of top Corporate Immigration lawyers to help you determine which visa will be most appropriate for you and your employees. In case of immigration processes, you must ensure that you follow all the rules and laws laid down by the country into which you plan on immigrating so as to avoid fine, deportation and imprisonment.
How do I know what information I should be providing in the visa application for corporate immigration?
The kind information of necessary for different types of corporate visa depending upon the capacity of employment, responsibilities associated with the position, country of origin, length of employment, etc. Hiring the top corporate immigration advocates will help you in determining what documents are necessary for the visa application that you are planning to file.