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When you are starting a Startup, it is essential that you have all your documentation and legal requirements set up and in order. You must clearly lay down your company HR policies in a formal document which elaborates upon the values and expectations that your company has from your employees, compliance with existing labour laws, best practices for your company, etc.

You must clearly lay down the policies, i.e., the rules and principles by which your organization functions, and the procedures that lay down how these policies must be implemented by your employees. You must hire the top Startup lawyers in your locality to help you draft an HR document that is good in law.

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  • The lawyer shall not undertake any work in addition to the drafting of the HR documents
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Documents required for Drafting Company HR Documents

  1. Documents related to conditions of employment and termination
  2. Documents stating the non-discrimination and sexual harassment policies
  3. Documents laying down policy on leaves, break times, etc.
  4. Documents stating standards of conduct, punctuality, etc., of the employees

Procedure for Drafting Company HR Documents

  1. You must hire the top Startup lawyers in your locality to help you draft an HR document tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.
  2. The HR document letter shall be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  3. The HR document letter shall be drafted incorporating your suggestions(if any).

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What HR policies should every Startup have?
Some of the HR policies that every Startup must necessarily incorporate in their HR document is as follows: 1. Provisions regarding work timings, i.e., the time at which employees are expected to reach and leave from the office, leaves as well as the duration of the breaks that they are allowed to take during a workday. 2. Provisions regarding leaves, i.e., casual leaves, sick leaves, maternal leaves, etc., that the employees are allowed to take. 3. Provisions regarding joining as well as termination from the startup. 4. Provisions regarding salary that employees are entitled to and also benefits that they may get thereof. 5. Provisions regarding the use and misuse of company resources by the employees. 6. Provisions regarding the work standards that must be essentially maintained by the employees and the rules that they are to abide by.
Why is it necessary to have an HR policy document?
You must create an HR policy document for your Startup right from the very initial stages of building it for the following reasons: 1. It acts a crisp policy for your organization that holds together all the employees and helps in the same being uniformly applied in the organization even in the future when the organization grows. 2. It acts as a pre-empted dispute resolution mechanism for dispute that may arise between the employer and the employees. 3. It acts as a pre-empted policy for any future legal disputes. 4. In case such a policy did not exist, it may result in a decrease in loyalty, employee morale and an increase in the potential for there being legal penalties.
What is meant by HR policies?
HR policies refer to the policies of a company that elaborate upon the strategy that reflects the standards of acceptable behaviour in a company. These policies define the manner in which the goals of the company may be achieved by the employees as well as the employer. HR policies must be drafted keeping mind the work ethics and objectives of the company.
Should the HR policy have employer-employee relation provisions?
Yes, the HR policy should necessarily include the employer-employee relationship code as part of the company’s code. It should include provisions for interpersonal relationships as well as business interactions between them. It should define in detail the interpersonal relationship in term of the responsibilities and roles of either party and their ability to influence the same.
Should there be a Code of Conduct in the HR policies?
A Code of Conduct should be necessarily included in the Company HR documents to develop and establish a sense of commitment to the organization. It helps your company implement and enforce strong ethical and legal policies and procedures and also build trust within the organization.
Why should grievance redressal policy be included in the HR documents?
Company HR documents must include a grievance redressal procedure that must be followed on any complaint being received from an employee in the company. A Grievance Redressal Committee should also be established to address any employee complaints regarding employee discourse, job harassment or any other issues faced by the employees in the organization. Additionally, a Sexual Harassment Committee should also be established to address complaints of sexual harassment in the organization. It is necessary to establish these mechanisms in an organization to increase the confidence that the employees have in the organization. It also helps in building trust and team spirit of the employees.
How do I communicate the HR policies to my employees?
HR policies must be communicated effectively and efficiently to the employees to ensure that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and also the responsibility that the organization has towards them. The policies may be communicated to the employees in the following manner: 1. Employee Handbooks 2. Team Meetings 3. Workshops or Communication Sessions 4. Emails or memos 5. Employee induction program (for new employees)
Should I change the HR policies after drafting them once?
Yes, you may need to make changes in the HR policies after drafting them once because your HR policies must be in keeping with the existing Government rules and regulations and also with the trends of the industry. However, getting your HR policy drafted by the top Startup lawyers to draft your company HR policy will help you in laying down a strong base to which you can make the necessary improvements.