Subramanian Swamy Asks For Sit To Investigate Sunanda Pushkar Death

Published on 08 Jul 2017 by Team

The petition, filed through Advocate Ishkaran Singh Bhandari,  claims that the fear of law and the faith in the criminal justice system has eroded irretrievably.

“This case is an extreme example of the slow-motion of criminal justice process and the extent to which it can be subverted. It unfolds the apparent apathy on the part of all those concerned with administration of criminal justice.”

The petition further claims that,

The fact that influential political personalities and their henchmen are involved in this case presents an added dimension to the issue and raises questions on the efficacy of the existing systems and practices to counter the moves of such influential persons facing serious criminal charges.”

In his petition, Swamy accuses the Delhi Police of deliberately botching the investigation and having a desire to protect the influential people associated with the deceased. Further, the petition accuses Shashi Tharoor several times, of deliberate attempts to mislead the investigation.

“Nine months after she was found mysteriously dead in a hotel room, the Delhi Police woke up to find that some of the personal belongings of Pushkar have been missing all this while. This clearly shows a botched investigation, done at the behest of rich and influential people…

…The HOD of the forensic department was under a tremendous pressure of Director of AIIMS, Dr. Tharoor and Gulam Nabi Azad to give autopsy report as natural death and clean chit as communicated by Dr. Gupta (a child specialist at Dubai and a close family friend of Sunanda Pushkar contacted for Subsequent Medical Opinion by Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology AIIMS.).”

Swamy also contends that Sunanda Pushkar knew about some of the murky dealings regarding the Indian Premier League and had sent messages to some journalists to come to her hotel so that she could give interviews on IPL frauds. However, he claims, she was murdered before these interviews could take place.

In May this year, Shashi Tharoor had filed a defamation case in the Delhi High Court against journalist Arnab Goswamifor broadcasting certain tapes suggesting foul play in the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

Source: The Bar and Bench

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