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Legistify offers one of the best platforms for advice and representation for cases of the legal partition of property which is the only solution for sorting out claim issues when there is joint ownership or inheritance. If an individual is the co-owner with any other person, it can create problems. This can get further complicated if an NRI happens to find himself in dispute with the person who currently has possession – most likely the individual in possession would prefer to get the authority to control, manage or even sell the relevant share in the land which is detrimental to the interest of the shareholder living overseas. In such situations, filing of a Suit after seeking appropriate legal advice is the best legal remedy available for an NRI.
The biggest problem for a NRI faced today is direct interaction with his/her prospective Divorce Lawyer to understand the complex issues of tarns-border divorce cases and NRI Divorce Laws, etc. We at Legistify have expertise in this area of Divorce which involves NRIs, etc. We understand that time is essence and attending Court hearing is expensive as well as time consuming. We offer our specialized services and represent the client before the Court. We know the art of trade to keep the attendance of client in Court to minimum one or two during entire contested divorce case or child-custody issue.
Illegal transfers or mutation are a basic form of all property disputes that NRIs are faced with. You would always need to establish a clear title to stake your ownership. You would also need to change the ownership of the said piece of land or house in the name of the current living legal owners to avoid any fraud. Moreover, in case any fraud takes place, there needs to be clarity on the title to contest the case.

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