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Free Legal Aid

The idea of legal aid is built on the principle of equal justice to all. It ensures that even the poor, illiterate or weak section of the society is able to access legal services in an easy and affordable manner. Legal aid provides an option to needy and poor who cannot bear legal expenses, to have legal representation from best lawyers and get justice.

Legistify recognises the dire need to standardise legal services in India and to make the legal domain on hand! Along with its Free Legal Aid Initiative, Legistify provides first legal consultation to its clients by its experts relationship managers for free, thereby cutting down cost and time spent on getting legal advice from top lawyers in India.

Legistify’s Values

Legistify envisions to make legal services equally accessible to everyone in the society. At Legistify, we recognize our responsibility to serve our local communities in a meaningful and result-oriented manner.

Legistify aims to make legal transparent, easy, fast, affordable and accessible by making legal services available to more people than ever before! Legistify intends to make the legal industry more approachable with its tech-based online platform for swift delivery of justice in India.

Legistify’s Free Legal Aid Initiative

Every month, Legistify commits to provide pro-bono legal aid to one customer, who we feel most requires and deserves legal help. With pre-established benchmarks, Legistify selects one case every month under its Free Legal Aid Initiative for someone who cannot afford legal services of a lawyer.

Legal matters covered under Legistify’s free legal aid programme includes divorce, custody, adoption, domestic violence, housing and homelessness, political asylum, immigration, wage and hour claims, HIV/AIDS, education, consumer protection, public benefits, mental health, and tax.

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