ABATABLE NUISANCE : Not a permanent nuisance but one that can be corrected easily as not to harm anyone.

ABORTIVE TRIAL : A trial that is incomplete and for some reason or other is terminated before a verdict is reached.

ABNEGATE : Giving something up or to renounce.

ABRIDGED ACCOUNTS : An account that does not include detailed financial information but records the transactions of a full accounting period. Abbreviated accounts may be a definition of interest.

ABOVE WATER : A company who can stay out of debt and economic trouble. This causes them to have a better credit rating and investors see them as well off. They will also be rewarded with a higher line of credit.

ABRIDGMENT : A brief written work that manages to keep the meaning and essence of the original version. This term is also spelled as abridgement. Other terms that might help are abstract, digest, outline, pr

ABILITY TO STAND TRI : Being able to physically and mentally able to defend yourself in court. The ability depends on medical findings done by consultants appointed by the court.

ABSOLUTE CONVEYANCE : A deed transferring the title of property from one person to another without any conditions.

ABSOLUTE DIVORCE : A divorce that is total and final where the husband and wife return to being single.

ABSOLUTE QUOTA : A specific amount of inventory allowed into a country. This limits the amount of foreign goods allowed in a country at any one time. It also called a tariff rate quota.

ABSOLUTE LAW : Any law that follows the rules of nature and a law that is changeless. It may be an absolute law but in an abstract sense and not always exercised in actuality. See law of nature.

ABSOLUTE : Something that is unconditional, final, complete and without any restrictions or conditions.

ABSOLUTE ERROR : An error expressed without any indication as to whether or not its positive or negative.

ABSOLUTE PERFORMANCE : This is a theory used in quality control that is not achievable in reality. It is used to measure progress towards efficiency.

ABSOLUTE AUCTION : An auction that has no reserve and where the highest bidder receives the item being sold.

ABSENTEE OWNER : Absentee landlord is another name for this.

ABSOLUTE COST ADVANT : A competitive edge that allows another firm or country to obtain, reinvent, and create a good or service with lower cost. This also minimizes waste. This is also called acquired advantage.

ABSOLUTE RIGHTS : The privileges resulting from owning property; rights from a contract relationship; the right to refuse or to make a contract with someone.

ABILITY TO PAY TAX : Refer to the definition of pay principle for clarification.

ABUSIVE DRAW : Prematurely cashing a bond without the knowledge of the owner. While not illegal it is frowned upon.

ABSORBED OVERHEAD : Applied overhead is a definition that will be helpful here.

ABUSE : 1. A misuse of anything. 2. Cruelty that causes harm to another.

ABSOLUTE TITLE : A title that is acquired by the proprietor. This absolute title is free from any complications such as judgments or liens. It is the only title required for selling a property or getting a mortgage. It is often called a perfect title.

ABSORBED ACCOUNT : The simplification of accounting when multiple accounts with the same purpose are combined. Upon absorption the original account information no longer leaves a paper trail only showing the transfer of funds.

ABSOLVE : The action to acquit; or the action to release from an obligation.

ABSTRUSE : Something that is harder to understand for those with only basic knowledge on the topic.

ABUSIVE LANGUAGE : Any hurtful language that can cause mental anguish and can be the grounds for a divorce.

ABSORPTION RATE : A predetermined rate that covers all costs incurred in an accounting period. Commonly called recovery rate.

ABUSE OF POWER : The basic abuse of power that can occur when they become too manipulative with those around them and the trust given to them.

ABSORBENT : Material that extracts a fluid (gas or liquid) from a medium or surface on contact, and changes physically or chemically during the process.

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