ZEALOUS WITNESS : An untechnical term denoting a witness, on the trial of a cause,who manifests a partiality for the side calling him, and an eager readiness to D tellanything which he thinks may be of ad- vantage to that side.

ZONE OF POSSIBLE AGR : Acceptable range of outcomes from negotiation between parties.

ZERO LATENCY : Information technology. No time lag between information exchange to interfaces or the instant response to input.

ZIPPER CLAUSE : Provision of collective bargaining agreements stating that all parts of the agreement are contained and nothing has ben left out.

ZAITECH : The final speculation of a japanese company to boost nonoperating income.

ZERO DIVIDEND PREFER : Share receiving a fixed sum on redemption.

ZERO BALANCE ACCOUNT : Account used by a company handling very large endorsements.

ZEQUITAS SUPERVACUA : Equity abhors superfluous things. Lofft, 282.

ZERO-PROOF BOOKKEEPI : Used in small businesses and by individuals. Method of bookkeeping with a zero balance at end of the accounting period.

ZYTHUM : Lat. A liquor or beverage made of wheat or barley. Dig. 33, 6, 9, pr.

Z TABLE : an early mortality table which showed the actual mortality experienced by those insured by major insurers between 1925 and 1934.

ZONING COMMISSION : The people appointed by the town or city government that administer the zoning regulations and laws.

ZERO RATE : Services and products exempt from value added tax.

ZIPPED FILE : File of compressed data that can be expanded when received using an unzipping program.

ZERO COUPON CONVERTI : Zero coupon bond that can be converted to common stock at a set price or if government issued into a bond bearing interest.

ZERO COUPON YIELD CU : A yield curve showing discounts for maturities from a starting point to present. This is done through stripping the yield curve.

ZERO-COUPON BOND : Bond that (1) pays no interest but is sold subpar, (2) interest paying bond stripped of its coupon. Also known as non-interest bearing bond, zero interest bond, zero rated bond.

ZERO COST OPTION : Strategy of trading where one option purchased is equal to one option sold.

ZERO DEFECTS : Level of prevention of defects where output is within limits.

ZONING LAWS : These are the laws, rules, regulations and ordinances that govern the types of structures that can be built in various parts of the town, community or municipality.

ZERO-BASIS RISK SWAP : Municipal stock is traded for a different financial security.

ZERO COST COLLAR : A spread with the long position in cap or call and the short on the floor or put. This also occurs vice versa. Refer to collar.

ZERO UPTICK : Transaction at the same price as one before it but higher than the one before that.

ZONING PERMIT : Document from local government that allows a piece of land to be used for the prescribed purpose.

ZYGOSTATES : In the civil law. A weigher; an officer who held or looked to thebalance in weighing money between buyer and seller; an officer appointed to determinecontroversies about the weight of money. Spelman.

ZYGOCEPHALUM : In the civil law. A measure or quantity of land. Nov. 17, c. 8. Asmuch land as a yoke of oxen could plow in a day. Calvin.

ZERO PLUS TICK : Selling a security at the same price as the last time but higher than the one prior to it. Refer to minus tick, plus tick, and zero minus tick,

ZERO COUPON SWAP : A sway exchanging periodic payments for one lump payment at maturation.

ZOLL-VEREIN : A union of Germanstates for uniformity of customs, established in 1819. It continued until the unificationof the German empire, including Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Baden, Hesse-Cassel, Brunswick, and Meckienburg-Strelitz, and all intermediate principalities. It hasnow been superseded by the German empire; and the federal council of the empire hastaken the place of that of the ZoR-Verein. Wharton.

ZERO AIR : Ambient air that has been filtered to have less than 0.1 PPM of hydrocarbons.

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