X OR XD : Used in the financial press to indicate stock trading with no dividend,; bond trading with no interest; mutual fund paid recently a dividend or capital gain.

XENODOCHIUM : In the civil and old English law. An inn allowed by public license,for the entertainment of strangers, and other guests. Calvin.; Cowell.A hospital; a place where sick and infirm persons are taken care of. Cowell.

XQUITAS EST QUASI AE : Equity is as it were equality; equity is a species of equality or equalization. Co. Litt 24.

XQUITAS NON FACIT JU : Equity does not make law, but assists law. Lofft, 379.

XQUITAS EST CORRECTI : Equity is a certain correction applied to law, because on account of its general comprehensiveness, without an exception, something is absent from it Plowd. 467.

X P X : In the written terminology of various arts and trades, where two or more dimensionsof the same piece or article are to be stated, this letter Is a well-known symbolequivalent to the word "by." Thus, the for-Qmula "3 x 5 in." will be understood, or may be explained by parol evidence, to mean"three by five inches," that is, measuring three inches in oue direction and five inanother. See J aqua v. Witham & A. Co., 106 Iud. 547, H 7 N, E, 314.

XQUITAS AGIT IN PERS : Equity acts upon the person. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3733.

XSNECIA : In old English law. Esnecy ; the right or privilege of the eldest born. Spelman; Glanv. lib. 7, c. 3; Fleta, lib. 2, a 66,

X TABLE : a term used to refer to a table in progress that is not yet able to be used in rating.

XRARIUM : Lat In the Roman law. The treasury, (flscus.) Calvin.

X RAYS PROPERTY OF : The x-ray films remain the property of the physician. The report belongs to the patient.

XENODOCHY : Reception of strangers; hospitality. Enc. Lond.

X RAYS : These are short length light rays passed through a vacuum tube that can penetrate tissue. Also called roentgen rays.

X-RAY TECHNICIAN : the person who takes the x-rays but does not examine and interpret them.

X-RAY REPORTS : These are the reports written by a doctor after examining the x-ray films.

XDILE : In Roman law. An officer who attended to the repairs of the temples and other public buildings; the repairs and cleanliness of the streets; the care of the weights and measures; the providing for funerals and games; and regulating the prices of provisions. Ainsw. Lex.; Smith, Lex.; Du Cange.

XYLON : A punishment among the Greeks answering to our stocks. Wharton.

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