SUBSTANTIVE LAW : That part of the law which the courts are established to administer, as opposed to the rules according to which the substantive law Itself is administered. That part of the law which creates, defines, and regulates rights, as opposed to adjective or remedial law, which prescribes the method of enforcing rights or obtaining redress for their invasion.

STET : Latin- let it stand. 1. Law. Court order that will stay a legal procedure. 2. Proofreading. Ignore the correction just made.

STILLBORN : A stillborn child is one born dead or in such an early stage of pregnancy as to be incapable of living, though not actually dead at the time of birth. Children born within the first six months after conception are considered by the civil law as incapable of living, and therefore, though they are apparently born alive, if they do not in fact survive so long as to rebut this presumption of law, they cannot inherit, so as to transmit the property to others. Marsel- lis v. Thalhimer, 2 Paige (N. Y.) 41, 21 Am. Dec. 66.

SYNTHETIC : A product not naturally produced but fabricated through synthesis.

STOCKOUT RISK : The exposure to loss that arises from running out of one or more items of inventory.

SENATUS CONSULTUM : In Roman law. A decision or decree of the Roman senate, having the force of law, made without the concurrence of the people. These enact- ments began to take the place of laws enacted by popular vote, when the commons had grown so great in number that they could no longer be assembled for legislative purposes. Mackeld. Rom. Law,

STOP GO POLICY : Short term policy that keeps a balance between 2 objectives that appear to be in contradiction with each other.

SALES CONFIGURATION : A computer system that is portable and allows sales persons to identify the needs of a prospective customer and will generate a proposal at the point of sale. These are often linked by wireless connection back to the main office or computer.

SEARCH-WARRANT : A search-warrant is an order in writing, issued by a justice or other magistrate, in the name of the state, directed to a sheriff, constable, or other officer, commanding him to search a specified house, shop, or other premises, for per- sonal property alleged to have been stolen, or for unlawful goods, and to bring the same, when found, before the magistrate, and usually also the body of the person occupying the premises, to be dealt with according to law. Pen. Code Cal.

SNOB EFFECT : The demand for an item in a higher market that inversely varies with the demand in a lower income market.

SEGREGATION OF DUTIE : 1. A control policy where no person is given more than one area of responsibility. Called seperation of duties.2. Procedures and methods that are established as an internal check in order to seperate (1) custody of assets frompersonnel doing accounting, (2) transactions of authorisation from custody of associated assets and (3) record keeping responsibilities from operational responsibilities.

SANITARY AUTHORITIES : In English law. Rodies having jurisdiction over their respective districts iu regard to sewerage. drainage, scavenging, the supply of water, the prevention of nuisances aud offensive trades, etc.. all of which come under the head of "sanitary matters" in the special sense of tho word. Sanitary authorities also have jurisdiction in matters coming under the head of "local government." Sweet.


SECOND MORTGAGE : A mortgage on a property that is secured by equity in the property. Both mortgages run at the same time and the second usually has a shorter time frame.

SPECIALIZED INDUSTRY : Where individuals train specially to work in an industry.

SETTLEMENT PRICE : The last price that is paid for a commodity at close of business. A computed price from closing offer, last actual price and the average of prices during the last minues of trading.

SERVICE : In contracts. The being employed to serve another; duty or labor to be rendered by one person to another. The term is used also for employment in one of the offices, departments, or agencies of the government; as in the phrases “civil service,” “public service,” etc. In feudal law. Service was the consideration which the feudal tenants were bound to render to the lord in recompense for the lands they held of him. The services, in respect of their quality, were either free or base services, and, in respect of their quantity and the time of exacting them, were either certain or uncertain. 2 Bl. Comm. 00. In practice. The exhibition or delivery of a writ, notice, Injunction, etc., by an authorized person, to a person who is thereby officially notified of some action or proceeding in which he is concerned, and is thereby advised or warned of some action or step which he is commanded to take or to forbear. See Walker v. State, 52 Ala. 193; U. S. v. Mc- Mahou, 104 U. S. 81, 17 Sup. C

SELF-SERVING STATEME : a term for a statement that is made to serve your own purpose.

SECURE COMMUNICATION : Standards of communicationthat are used to ensure a secure transfer of data communication. Mastercard and Visa have developed the Secure Electronic Transaction protocol.

STAGED PAYMENTS : Payments that are made in installments bot not necessarily in a regular or an equal amount.

SUB ACCOUNT : A separate account kept under safe keeping with a bank.

STANDARD BILL OF MAT : Form describing the size of payment to be received for services and goods sold by a company.

SHEET : A solid material that is sold in flat sheets of different sizes and not in rolls or coils.

SEPARALITER : Lat. Separately. Used in indictments to indicate that two or more defendants were charged separately, and not jointly, with the commission of tlie offense in question. State v. Edwards, 00 Mo. 490.

SUCCESSION : In the civil law and in Louisiana. I. The fact of the transmission of the rights, estate, obligations, and charges of a deceased person to his heir or heirs. 2. The right by which the heir can take possession of the decedent’s estate. The right of the heir to step into the place of the deceased, with respect to the possession, control, enjoyment, administration, and settlement of all the latter’s property, rights, obligations, charges, etc. 3. The estate of a deceased person, comprising all kinds of property owned or claimed by him, as well as his debts and obligations, and considered as a legal entity (according to the notion of the Roman law) for certain purposes, such as collecting assets and paying debts. See Davenport v. Adler, 52 La. Ann. 203, 20 South. 830; Adams v. Akerlund, 108 111. 032, 48 N. E. 454; Quarles v. Clayton, 87 Tenn. 308, 10 S. W. 505. 3 L. R. A. 170; State v. Fayne, 129 Mo. 408, 31 S. W. 797, 33 L. R. A. 570; Blake v. McCartney, 3 Fed. Cas. 590; In re Headenâ

SHOPA : In old records, a shop. Cowell.

SEASONALITY : A repetitive or periodic pattern that is predictable and occurs in a monthly or seasonal pattern.

SETTLE A DOCUMENT : a term to amend or correct and to put a document into its legal language and proper form.

STATUS : The status of a person is his legal position or condition. Thus, when we say that the status of a woman after a decree nisi for the dissolution of her marriage with her husband has been made, but before it has been made absolute, is that of a married woman, we mean that she has the same legal rights, liabilities, and disabilities as an ordinary married woman. The term is chiefly applied to persons under disability, or per- sons who have some peculiar condition which prevents the general law from applying to them in the same way as it does to ordinary persons. Sweet. See Barney v. Tourtellotte, 138 Mass. 108; De la Montanya v. De la Montanya, 112 Cal. 115. 44 Pac. 345, 32 L. R. A. 82, 53 Am. St. Rep. 105; Dunham v. Dunham, 57 111. App. 407. There are certain rights and duties, with cer- tain capacities and incapacities to take rights and incur duties, by which persons, as subjects of law, are variously determined to certain classes. The rights, duties, capacities, or incapacities which

SPECTRUM : The range of frequencies of electro magnetic waves.

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