BULLETIN BOARD SYSTE : A computer system running software that allows users to connect and log in to the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, a user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users, either through electronic mail or in public message boards.

BOLT : The desertion by one or more persons from the political party to which he or they belong; the permanent withdrawal before adjournment of a portion of the delegates to a political convention. Rap. & L.

BASE PERIOD WAGES : Compensation given to an employee when they are working for two quarters. Its used to decide unemployment benefits. A minimum amount must be worked to get these benefits. It is usually the earnings of four quarters to 18 months.

BIGAMY : The criminal offense of willfully and knowingly contracting a second Q marriage (or going through the form of a second marriage) while the first marriage, to the knowledge of the offender, is still subsisting and undissolved. Com. v. McNerny, 10 Phila. (Pa.) 207; Gise v. Com., 81 Pa. r 430; Scoggins v. State, 32 Ark. 213; Cannon t v. U. S., 116 U. S. 55, 6 Sup. Ct 287, 29 L. Ed. 561. The state of a man who has two wives, or of a woman who has two husbands, living at the same time. C The offense

BODY OF LAWS : An organized and systematic collection of rules of jurisprudence; as, particularly, the body of the civil law, or corpus juris civilis.

BODY CORPORATE : A corporation.

BRINGING MONEY INTO : The act of depositing money in the custody of a court or of its clerk or marshal, for the purpose of satisfying a debt or duty, or to await the result of an interpleader. Dirks v. Juel, 59 Neb. 353, 80 N. W. 1045.

BOARD OF WORKS : The naino of a board of officers appointed for the better local management of the English metropolis. They have the care and management of all grounds and gardens dedicated to the use of the inhabitants in the metropolis; also the superintendence of the drainage; also the regulation of the street traffic, and, generally, of the buildings of the metropolis. Brown.

BACK LAND : A bit of land away from water or the road.

BACKLOG TRAP : The negative effect that pending work puts on operations. When one element of the system is not available it holds up production.

BACK DATE : The date on a document that is retroactive. AKA ante date. It is the opposite of post date.

BACK CHANNEL COMMUNI : When an organization has an informal informational channel. It sometimes is faster than formal communication.

BACK LOAD : Expenses deducted at the time benefits are paid out.

B C : An abbreviation for "before Christ." "bail court," "bankruptcy cases," and "British Columbia."

BACK DOOR LISTING : A process where an unlisted or private company gains a stock EXCHANGE listing through a MERGER or ACQUISITION with a company that is already listed.

BACK PAY AWARD : A requirement that retroactive compensation be denied by an employer. They were used in discrimination cases in the federal civil rights laws.

BACK : This term is applied to back taxes and unpaid taxes that comes from assessments made in earlier years.

BACHELERIA : In old records. Commonalty or yeomanry, in contradistinction to baronage.

BANK BURGLARY AND RO : Coverage protecting banks from theft, vandalism, and damages. This is usually due to a robbery.

BACK TO BACK CREDIT : A promise to perform and pay back a debt. AKA back guarantee and reciprocal credit. Refer to back letter of credit.

BACK-END OFFICE : An office that provides a business with services on a back end basis. AKA back office.

BACKFLIP TAKEOVER : A takeover where the buying company is now a subsidiary. This happens when the company bought is larger the the one purchasing it.

BACKGROUNDER DATA : A review of a companies financial status and holdings. When printed its called a backgrounder sheet or a fact sheet.

BACKBOND : In Scotch law. A deed attaching a qualification or condition to the terms of a conveyance or other instrument. This deed is used when particular circumstances render it necessary to express in a separate form the limitations or qualifications of a right. Bell. The instrument is equivalent to a declaration of trust in English conveyancing.

BACKFITTING : Adding new equipment to existing workings to make it last longer. AKA retrofitting.

BACK-END RATIO : A ratio used to decide how much a mortgage borrower can pay back. The lower the ratio the more they can pay back. AKA back ratio.

BACKFLUSHING : The inventory left after orders are processed and the manufacturing needs are met. The parts used or bought are taken out of the inventory records to get an idea of what a company really has.

BACKCASTING : When a prediction is made based on an outcome and works backwards to the present.

BACKED CURRENCY : When currency has value has value connected to another commodity like gold.

BACK, V : To indorse; to sign on the back; to sign generally by way of acceptance or approval. Where a warrant issued in one county is presented to a magistrate of another county and he signs it for the purpose of making it executory in his county, he is said to "back" it. 4 Bl. Comm. 201. So an Indorser of a note or bill is colloquially said to "back" it. Seabury v. Hungerford, 2 Hill (N. Y.) 80.

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