ACCELERATED OPTION : A clause in life insurance policy that allows a lump sum payment.

ABJUDICATE : Using a court decision to deprive by a judgement of the court. To take away by an adverse court decision.

ACCEPTANCE CREDIT : When a bank sets up a credit facility for a creditworthy importer. The exporter can use the account. This is also called acceptance financing.

ACCEPTABLE RISK : A level of material and human loss involved in the industrial process.

ACCELERATED BENEFITS : A clause in life insurance policies that allows them to receive their funds before death. This is only done in extreme cases of serious injury. It is called living benefits.

ACADEMY OF ACCOUNTIN : A volunteer run organization that studies accounting. Traditionally an accounting historian would be interested in this.

ACCEPTABLE QUALITY L : The allowable number of defects permitted.

ACCESSORY AFTER THE : A party who commits a crime by hiding the offender or aiding in their escape preventing punishment.

ASSESSMENT ROLL IN T : The list or roll of taxable persons and property, completed, verified, and deposited by the assessors, not as it appears after review and equalization. Rank v. Genoa, 28 Misc. Rep. 71, 59 N. Y. Supp. S29; Adams v. Brennan, 72 Miss. S94, 18 South. 482.

ACCEPTED DRAFT : When a bank accepts a bill by countersigning it. The institution must now pay the bill before its maturation date. This is also called an advising bank.

ACCEPTANCE LETTER OF : This clause does not pay a beneficiary immediately but adds additional paperwork through the bank that takes more time.

ACCESSION : When one party takes charge of anothers property or records by a contract that both parties agree to.

ACCESSION RATE : The number of new employees hired during a period of time. It is expressed as a percent of the total employees.

ACCESS CONTROL LIST : The level of access assigned to employees by an administrator. Refer to the definition of access rights.

ACCEPTING HOUSE : A risk management technique used when the risk is acceptable.

ACCESS RATE : See the definition for data transfer rate.

ACCEPTANCE FINANCING : See the definition for acceptance credit for further clarification.

ACCEPTANCE OF A BILL : This occurs when a shipping firm takes temporary custody of a good promising safe delivery. Another term for this is acceptance of shipment.

ACCESS : 1. The time when an individual is permitted into some security point. This is also called system access. 2. The authority to access restricted records.

ACCEPTANCE FOR HONOR : When a third party agrees to pay an unpaid debt. This is also called an acceptance supra protest.

ACCEPTANCE THEORY OF : A bill accepted when the buyer signs under the word accepted. They are now responsible to pay.

ACCEPTANCE OF PLEA : Where the court will accept a guilty plea in a criminal case.

ACCEPTING BANK : A bank from the exporters country that accepts its bills from the importer.

ACCEPTANCE SUPRA PRO : The authority of a manager to delegate tasks.

ACCESS EASEMENT : When a landlord gives individuals permission to use or access their property.

ACCEPTING RISK : A risk management technique used when the risk is acceptable.

ACCESS POINT : A code given to access archives and database information.

ACCESSORIAL CHARGES : The billed amount for additional costs that are incurred after purchase. It is usually a flat rate fee.

ACCESS LEVEL : Refer to the term system access level for clarification.

ACCESSORINESS : An obligation that occurs when event participation is required during a transaction. Refer to privity.

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