The process of registration of trademark in India is:

  • Trademark Search : The first step is to conduct a Trademark search on the Trademark database. The search can be conducted by a registered Trademark agent or professional.
  • Trademark Class : The Trademark application is drafted in accordance with the Trademark class to which the Trademark for goods or services belongs.
  • Trademark Filing : The Trademark registration application is drafted in the prescribed format and filed along with the fee for trademark registration with the Trademark Registrar.
  • Trademark Application Allotment : A Trademark allotment number is provided within 1-2 days after the Trademark registration application is filed with the Trademark Registrar.
  • Trademark Examination : After the codification of Trademark registration application is done, the Trademark Registrar reviews the application and either accepts or rejects the Trademark.
  • Trademark Journal Publication : If the trademark registration application is accepted by the Registrar, the proposed trademark is published in the Trademark Journal.
  • Trademark Registration : If there are no objections or oppositions to the Trademark registration application , the registration certificate is prepared and sent to the Trademark applicant, granting exclusive rights to use the mark.

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