It is not mandatory to send a reply to a legal notice , yet it is advisable to reply appropriately to the notice bearing in mind the laws applicable. No reply to a notice can add advantage to the sender in a court of law.  You can hire best lawyers in India to send a reply to a legal notice.

The reply must be given within the stipulated time. In case if you have received a legal notice do not panic, simply follow the following procedures-

Step 1: Read the content of the notice carefully in the context of the agreement, executed between the parties. If you think that the notice is not accurate or can be contested and needs legal help, approach a qualified lawyer .

Step 2: Check the limitation period within which the reply is to be filed and adhere to the same.

Step 3: Keep a record of the time of notice within which you received the notice. A good record keeping will be an advantage even if the opposite party files a suit against you.

Step 4: Check the contractual obligations which the sender of the notice needs to fulfil and which it lacks. Breach of contractual obligations will be a good defence for the receiver. Counterclaim for damage due to breach and compliance of obligation can be done.

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