The easiest ways to migrate to Canada from India are many. However, an experienced immigration consultant can guide you in a better way. A brief summary is as follows:

  • Marriage to a Canadian-born citizen

If your spouse is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, then he/she can sponsor an eligible family member to live in Canada as a permanent resident.

  • Apply for IEC – International Experience Canada

This visa allows you to work in Canada in any profession. If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, this may be your ticket into Canada. You can enter Canada on an open work permit, which means you don’t need a job offer – this works similarly to a work permit.

  • Apply as the Au-Pair (Live-in Caregiver)

This is great for anyone who has no specific skills. You will need a high school education, a job offer and either six-months training or one year experience as an au-pair to apply for this work permit.

  • Student Permit

If you can afford it or you have a scholarship, the best way to go to Canada is through a study permit.

  • Visitor Visa

If you thought the only way to get to Canada is with a job offer and a work permit, then you will be happy to know that you can also apply to visit the country on a Visitor’s Visa. Visitor Visa gives you the ability to enjoy in the beauty of Canada for the maximum period of six months, but not to work.

  • Work Permit with Job Offer

If you  have the university education, work experience and meet the requirements as required, you can find a job offer with any Canadian employer.

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