Indian Entry X visa is for the people of other countries who want to come to India but do not come under any specific category for an Indian Visa applicant. Volunteers can be one example of this category. This kind of visa is limited for the following types of visitors to the country:

  • A foreigner who is of Indian origin.

  • The spouse and kids of the foreigner of Indian origin

  • Indian citizen residing abroad

  • The spouse and dependent kids of a foreigner visitor on a long term Visa like Employment visa or Business Visa.

However, those who are of Indian Origin and are visiting India can apply for this Entry X Visa while visiting India. The Entry X Visa is not subject to two months gap. Those holding this visa cannot work in India or accept any kind of future or present employment. X Visa holders can get an extension in India. You can consult top immigration lawyers online for further information.

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