If a foreign national wishes to enter India to seek employment, or to fill a paid employee’s position in an Indian company, or to conduct whole or part of a project on a salaried basis, to fulfil the duties of his/her profession on a consultant basis, etc., he/she must apply for an Indian Employment Visa .

Employment Visas are granted to foreign nationals if the following criteria are met:

  • Foreign nationals will not be issued Employment Visas to India for employment in a particular company if there are equally skilled or qualified Indian citizens available.

  • Regular job posts for which many similarly qualified Indian citizens are available cannot be filled by foreign nationals on an Employment Visa.

  • Clerical, secretarial, and routine jobs cannot be filled by a foreign national on an Employment Visa.

  • Employment Visas must be applied for (and issued through) the applicant’s country of origin or the applicant’s country of domicile, provided that the applicant has lived in the country of domicile for at least 2 consecutive years.

  • The foreign national entering on an Employment Visa should agree to abide by all Indian tax payment laws, and complies with all other requirements like the civil code, etc.

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